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SS 1936 chained. RAD hewer. lion's head parade swords. etc etc

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Welcome to our WW2 German Daggers

New Stock Added: 24th Nov 2015

I have been interested in all aspects of German militaria for over 30 years. Whilst my interest is broad, it centres on the edged weapons manufactured and carried during the Third Reich period 1933-1945. I must stress that I do not support in any way, the horrendous events that happened during this period. I am an historial collector only.

I am able to share the knowledge of over 30 years as a professional collector. The quality edged weapons I sell are from my own extensive collection and are surplus to requirements. I have supplied to discerning collectors and dealers all over the world. I am always interested in items you may have for sale (for my own collection), as well as anything in particular you are looking for.

Whether you are a fellow German militaria collector or have just inherited a strange sword or dagger and you wish me to help identify, value or discuss, just email me with a description or even better, a photograph.

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'BRANNIK' BULGARIAN HJ KNIFE WITH NAZI HJ DIAMOND? I have had a few of these quite rare daggers in the past. They followed the German HJ in the design of the HJ knives exactly, but they were produced in Bulgaria. Identical in size etc. However, all the ones I have seen, have had the Bulgarian stylised 'B ' in a shield affixed to the grip. This one has a normal HJ diamond, albeit damaged. The construction of the dagger is pure Bulgarian. The hilts were made of aluminium and the rivets holding the grip together are aluminium too. This is the same on this dagger. The Hj diamond is perfectly fitted to the grip. Unfortunately it has been hit or bent, and has lost the enamel to the top half of the diamond. It is a little loose in the grip and 'wiggles' a bit. Scabbard is pure HJ. Steel with black leather belt loop and cross strap. They are in perfect condition. The blade again is perfect Bulgarian. Makers trademark on one side which is a prancing deer in a shield. The other side has the Bulgarian HJ motto 'Duty and Honour' ( in Bulgarian Cyrillic). Interesting item for the HJ type collector out there. "Brannik" was a military Nazi Hitler youth organization in Bulgaria, established in 1941. This organization was the Bulgarian equivalent of the German HJ and was popular during King Boris III’s rule when the Royal Kingdom of Bulgaria was Nazi Germany pro orientated. Since the mid 30's Bulgaria was much involved on Germany’s side. Thus, when in 1941 the Germans needed the Bulgarian land to launch an attack in the Balkans, Kingdom Bulgaria officially joined the Dreimacht Pakt, signed it and became an official ally to Germany, Italy and Japan
'GOLD' RAYON 23CM SHORT KNOT FOR LUFTWAFFE AND TENO DAGGERS. This is a super coloured rayon 23cm knot. Started life as cream coloured, but with age and patina, is now a tan/golden colour. Would look great on a mint Luftwaffe or TENO Officers. Nice knot.
'OUT OF THE WOODWORK' TRANSITIONAL DLV/1st LUFT-EICKHORN. Until 3 weeks ago this dagger was residing in a house in Kentucky. Owner saw the adverts for the SoS show and bought it along to sell. I followed the dagger into the hall and eventually managed to persuade the owner to sell it to me. He visited several dealers tables and received bids, but I beat the highest offer and it was mine!! A wonderful, untouched, uncleaned example of the transitional Luftwaffe 1st Pattern dagger. Known as the transitional type as it has become understood that this type of dagger was made AFTER the long 55cm DLV type. All the companies used up their stocks of scabbards and scabbard fittings, and put them on the 'new' 1st pattern dagger. So the scabbard fittings have staples holding the fittings onto the soft blue leather scabbard body. Later, the scabbard bodies were solid tubular metal (aluminium or steel) and the fittings were held on by headless grub screws etc. Scabbard body is softish leather over probably cardboard as a base. Leather is fine, scuffed a bit, but would certainly benefit from blue melatonian polish or similar. Body is bulging a little from the internal springs holding the blade tight. All fittings are solid nickel and uncleaned. Nice long nickel chain is attached to the scabbard rings by one 's' clip and one ordinary fitting. Dagger itself has all nickel crossguard and pommel. Pommel is black with uncleaned patina. Crossguard you can see the gilt on the brass swastikas. Grip is lovely, with nice leather and twisted wire wrap. Blade is beautiful and virtually mint. Deeply etched Eickhorn trademark has all background colour. A really good looking dagger and represents a historical part of dagger production. Excellently priced.
'SLOTTED' EARLY THIRD REICH POLICE BAYONET - WKC. Another one of my favourite daggers, as you get such a lot for your money. History and a decent dagger!. This is a nice, early example of the Third Reich Police bayonet. This is the less common variety with slotted pommel to fit the K98 rifle. Scabbard and frog leather is BLACK, so this designates it a being used in the towns or cities. (rural ones are brown leather). These early police bayonets were all re-issued Weimar police bayonets. They were altered in several ways. Clamshell was removed. Grip plates were shortened, Wemar grip badge was removed and Third Rich police badge was inserted. Blade was cut down and re-pointed. Scabbard was shortened to fit. Towards the end of the Third Reich period, police bayonets were still made, but exhibited none of the alterations, as they were made to the correct specification. These are HEAVY bayonets, as they were make of brass and nickel. Pommel are crossguards are solid metal. Grip plates are stag with aluminium police eagle. Blade is a long nickel plated affair. WKC maker is on both sides of the riccasso. Scabbard has solid nickel fittings top and bottom. Black leather body. Correct police bayonet leather frog with aluminium rivets. This is a very nice, used bayonet, in very good condition. Lots of history here!
1933 SS MAN'S DAGGER BY HERDER WITH ORIGINAL VERTICAL HANGER. A good used example of the ever popular SS man's dagger from 1933 onwards. Just obtained and has come 'out of the woodwork'. Dagger has all solid nickel fittings and has not been cleaned in many, many years. All have gone yellow with patina etc. Black ebony grip has no damage or chips. There are some surface lines but nothing is deep. The SS enamel button is slightly chipped. Nickel grip eagle is set slightly lower down the grip as all HERDER daggers are. Grip is also slightly thinner and more graceful than other makers, again a HERDER trait. Reverse of the lower crossguard is marked with a Romen numeral II. Scabbard has the original black anodising, which has gone dull with age. No lacquer remains. Bottom ball is slightly dented. There is an original to the piece SS vertical hanger attached to the scabbard and top ring. A small part of the leather is missing from the side o the hanger, but the cross strap and both loops are intact. The age and condition of the vertical hanger matches the condition of the rest of the dagger.Blade is a nice example, shows some age spots and spidering here and there, but there is also a lot of crossgraining evident. Motto background is perhaps 50% there. Reverse has the Richard Herder oval trademark etched into the blade surface. Very clean and clear. A very good, complete example of a popular dagger. SS pieces never stay long. Good value for money.
1st Pattn. ALUMINIUM LUFTWAFFE DAGGER WITH PORTEPEE - HORSTER. A really lovely dagger this, and again thei has never been in a collection and has just come from a private family source. The aluminium daggers tend to be either really lovely or quite worn and sad. This is a beautiful example and has all the gilt present on all 4 swastikas on the pommell and the crossguards. Very nice blue leather to the grip and the scabbard. You can see it has been worn and is 70+ years old, but the condition is fantastic, with no damage, nothing missing etc. Grip is wrapped with triple thin aluminium wire. Scabbard has near mint aluminium scabbard fittings, and a great aluminium chain with OLC marked belt clip. The blade is marvellous, is heavily nickel plated and has the HORSTER logo deeply etched to the top wider part of the blade. Blade is in MINT condition. IN ADDITION to all of this, the dagger has the original LONG 42cm bullion portapee still tied in the original position. Whilst the shorter 23cm knot was usually worn with this dagger, you occassionally see the longer one worn. This has been on there FOR EVER, I had a look underneath the cord on the crossguard, and there is ages of dust and patina, after being tied there 70 years!! A really nice aluminuim 1st Luftwaffe dagger. Worthy of any collection. (Re-listed due to time waister)
42cm BULLION PORTAPEE-USED. This is a standard length, 42cm silver bullion knot, that is suitable for a number of daggers. Army, SS chained, Red Cross Officer, etc etc. HAs been used and on a dagger, so would suit a decent but not mint dagger. No fraying or wear spots. Harder to find real ones.
ALCOSO MINIATURE LUFTWAFFE SWORD ON PROPELLER BASE. A desirable and rare miniature made by the ALCOSO company. For use as a paperweight and letter opener, This is the beautiful 9" miniature Luftwafffe sword permanently mounted on a steel propeller base. Heavy and impressive on any desk!! Alcoso were the formosr manufacturer of miniature daggers and swords during the Third Reich period. Their quality and attention to detail were second to none. This is an exact, small size version of the Luftwaffe sword in every way. Alcoso produced a definative set of miniatures, which consisted of the RAD Leaders dagger, a navy dagger, Forestry dagger, army dagger, 2nd. Luftwaffe dagger and the Luftwaffe sword. They also mounted the 2nd. Luftwaffe dagger and the Luftwaffe sword on these steel propellers. This has been used exactly as it was intended and the leather on the grip shows some wear. The grip wire is intact. The blade is slightly blunt from openeing all those letters!! The blade is marked with the early style of ALCOSO trademark. These are really nice pieces to display, and do not come along every day.Absolute bargain at this price.
ALL ALUMINIUM 1st LUFTWAFFE DAGGER-ORIGINAL BARGAIN PIECE! This was part of a large collection I purchased this year and was packed away until this week. A very decent example of the 1st Luftwaffe officers dagger, with aluminium fittings and chain. Leather to the grip and scabbard is fine, all there. Aluminium fittings area also good. The gilt on the swastikas for the pommel and crossguard has long gone, seems to have been polished off, but they look good anyway! Scabbard has a small dent just below the middle fitting, but otherwiaw fine. The blade is bright and clean, there is a little 'clouding' to the surface, but no pitting or rust. There is no maker on the blade. I have priced this very keenly, and a good chance to get a Christmas bargain.
ALUMINIUM 1st Pattn. LUFTWAFFE DAGGER-SMF. A very good example of the all aluminium Luftwaffe 1st.Pattn dress dagger. All fiitings, crossguard, pommel and both scabbard fittings are brushed aluminium and very bright and clean. Triple grip wire in intact, with just a few scrapes to the grip leather surfaces. Blade is a nickel plated variety and therefore no crossgraining! Nice etch SMF trademark with a small Waffanampt stamp below it. Scabbard leather has a nice blue colour, does have some carrying scrapes, and one small piece of leather missing just above the lower scabbard fitting. Aluminium carrying chains are maker marked and in good condition. Nice looking dagger.
ALUMINIUM LUFTWAFFE SWORD-SMF- NO SCABBARD. I purchased this from a house not far from me after a chance conversation. Sword was bought home by the lady's father, but she has no idea what happened to the scabbard. She says her brothers used to use it for sword fighting, so I imagine the thin aluminium scabbard just disintegrated with all the fighting and was thrown away. Anyway, it's a decent aluminium sword, so if someone has a spare scabbard out there? A nice combination! Blade is 66cm long, is not rusty or damaged, but has dulled a little and has surface scratches after not being protected all this time. SMF is the maker. Pommel and crossguard still have virtually all of the gilt on the swastikas. Leather grip is fine with twin twisted wires. It is what it is. Luftwaffe sword with no scabbard...............
ARMY DAGGER COMPLETE RIG/STRAPS/KNOT-ORANGE GRIP. This is a nice army dagger by EICKHORN and is complete with the original straps and bullion knot. Recently came from a family in Norfolk, never been in a collection. Dagger has always been together, and the bullion parts, knot and straps have the same 'oxidised dust' on all their surfaces. Knot has been on the dagger for 70+ years, never been off. Nice deep orange grip is perfect with no cracks or damage, lovely colour. All the nickel/silver plated fittings are really nice. The scabbard is exceptional, with no dents or damage and all of the plating intact. Blade has the etched post 1938 squirrel. There have been a few finger smudges to the blade surface, so it's not mint, bet VERY nice, perhaps a little more cleaning of the blade will help. Straps are the type with metal swing tops and all clips etc are fine. Fabric and bullion are a little stiff with age, but otherwise a nice set, that came with this dagger. A really nice dagger overall and VERY reasonably priced.
BEAUTIFUL IMPERIAL GERMAN (BAVARIAN?) LARGE GOLD SWORD KNOT. A super thing here and from the Imperial German era I am sure. Wide black leather strap with triple gold wire lines running the length of the strap. The large ball is gold wire and has the bottom infill in powder blue. Considering this is 100 years old, this is in great condition. Black wide leather strap is still supple and will tie on a large Imperial sword hilt. Great looking knot.
BEAUTIFUL SET OF THIRD REICH ERA GILDED ALUMINIUM NAVY HANGERS. These are an absolutely 'cracking' set of MINT navy hangers. They are the gilded aluminium types and would have been used in the zenith of the Third Reich period. In mint condition, so I doubt these were ever issued. Gilding is deep gold and 100% intact. The black moire fabric is perfect and still quite stiff. the reverse is backed with dark blue velvet. Only sign of age is on the steel eyelets on the fabric where the buckles go through. There is some slight surface rust showing. These are nearly 70 years old!!! A great set to go with a very nice/mint navy dagger.
BEST TENO MAN'S DAGGER AROUND!!! COMPLETE WITH NEAR MINT FROG!!!! This really is a rare combination. A near perfect condition TENO man's dagger, with mint blade and matching STAMPED numbers. Complete with near mint leather hanging frog, even the little cross strap is intact and not broken!!! I must say I cannot remember having a TENO dagger in this condition for MANY years. By their very construction, the nickel finish starts to flake off the metal base. Apart from one TINY place on the pommel, there is NO flaking on this piece, the nickel plating is intact everywhere. The scabbard has a FULL COAT of ORIGINAL black gloss paint and apart from age scratches is 100% complete!!! Blade is also amazing. No damage, stains, blemishes, it's 99.99% mint. The reverse has the etched TENO eagle and the Eickhorn trademark underneath. Stamped under the crossguard on the top of the blade and also on the scabbard throat, are the matching issue numbers 1993. I cannot say enough about this dagger, just a great piece. So difficult to find, and in this condition...IMPOSSIBLE.
BROWN LEATHER THIRD REICH SWORD HANGER. This is a nice fairly long hanger for a Third Reich Officers sword. Suitable for both Dove head and Lion's head swords. Clips to steel loop on back of scabbard and then attaches to belt. Lighter brown leather in very good condition with steel top clip and steel snap clip. Great to complete your sword display.
BULLION PORTAPEE FOR ARMY,SS, DAGGERS ETC 42cm A really nice example of the bullion knot/portapee used on army daggers, red cross officers, SS chained etc. beautifully aged, looks fantastic. HAs been on a dagger at some point but would look perfect on any dagger with a bit of patina or age to it. 42cm long, no fraying or damage at all.
COMPLETE ARMY DAGGER RIG- E.F HORSTER A very nice, complete army dagger rig.Straps and original knot. Made by HORSTER, a more unusual maker to find . Very nice nickle plated fittings thoughout, no lifitng to the scabbard. Super orange/yellow grip. Original bullion knot tied in correct manner. Some fraying to the swing point, but it's been there for 70 years!! Blade has needle sharp point. Some slight surface clouding, but will clean up to near mint.good set of original straps with metal swing tops. A very nice dagger.
COMPLETE ARMY DAGGER WITH STRAPS AND KNOT - NAMED TO A DOCTOR. Apart for being a nice army dagger in it's own right, this example has been personalised twice by the original owner. He has inked his name onto the green velvet fabric of the hangers 'Dr. Weber', and has also self engraved it into the reverse of the blade 'Weber'. It's possible some research could be made to this individual, but who knows. Dagger is a non-maker marked variety, and uses the 'type 2 generic crossguard', used by a lot of makers. The grip has turned a deep orange and looks lovely. Scabbard still has it's full nickel plating and has no damage or carrying dents. There is a bullion portapee tied around the grip and crossguard. The blade is STONE mint, with all of the polish and crossgrain. Needle sharp point. The original hangers are in fine shape, some usage but no damage etc. Name is inked to reverse. Nice looking dagger, with an extra interest.
COMPLETE LATE PERIOD NAVY DAGGER BY ALCOSO This is a representative example of the type of dagger produced late into the war, when materials were in short supply. All these late daggers, especially the navy types were produced in a grey alloy type metal and then fire guilded. They looked like the earlier all brass fittings when all the gilding was intact. Late daggers also had plain, un-etched blades and this is the case with this dagger too. Produced by the ALCOSO company, the blade riccasso has the post 1942 Alcoso trademark, which runs sideways along the blade, with a tiny set of scales. The dagger has the original silver knot tied in place, and this has been set in place for ever. There is perhaps 75% of the original fire gilding remaining throughout the dagger surfaces. Pommel and crossguard are made of the grey alloy and gilded. The scabbard is steel (not brass) and fire gilded too. Plain blade is near perfect, no damage, no blemishes, no pitting and has a needle sharp point. If you collect navy dagger types, this is one you should add. Reasonably priced for a navy dagger.
COMPLETE RAD HEWER HANGER - DATED 1937 - UNIT MARKED. This is one of the nicest RAD hewer bullit hangers I have had. Complete and in excellent condition. It is dated on the reverst 1937 in two places. There is a lovely small manufacturers stamp in Offenbach 1937, and in large letters it is stamped with the RAD unit who issued it. BA. Br.11 37. The leather is in superb condition throughout. The metal snap clip that attaches to the RAD scabbard is also marked twice. One with the Assmann maker and again with the RADJ stamp 1937!! The most profusely marked hanger I have seen. Would go perfectly with a near mint condition RAD hewer.
COMPLETE RIG-LUFTWAFFE 2nd. Pattn. KNOT/HANGERS, UNUSUAL EICKHORN TRADEMARK Again, one of my favourite design of daggers. This is a classic 2nd Luftwaffe with the very rarely encountered small STAMPED Eickhorn trademark. Still no one knows why Eickhorn used this type for a short while, it's the post 1938 squirrel, but half the size and stamped into the blade not etched. If you collect Eickhorn trademarks, perhaps you don't have this one? Dagger itself is very nice indeed. Heart shaped Eickhorn pommel with 50% of the gilding left on the swastikas. Grip is a nice yellow/orange colour in perfect condition with springy aluminium wire. Scabbard is dent free, has nice clean, bright surface. Blade is lovely with logo as described. There is an original 23cm short portapee tied around the grip. Been there a long time. It is complete with a very nice set of standard Luftwaffe hangers which show slight useage but otherwise are a great matching set. Exc++ dagger.
COMPLETE RIG-THIRD REICH NAVY DAGGER WITH ORIGINAL STRAPS AND GOLD KNOT! Still one of my most favourite daggers and this one is complete and in great shape. By Eickhorn with the 1941 type over the shoulder' stamped squirrel trademark. Blade is stone mint with needle sharp point and all the grey background burnishing in the etched panels. Dagger has solid brass fittings with some traces of the fire gilt in places. Cream celluloid grip is perfect. Tied around the crossguard and grip is the ORIGINAL gold coloured knot. Looks fantastic. Scabbard has two small indentations near the bottom. Norman carrying wear. Apart from that is straight and trouble free. Attached to the scabbard rings are the set of original navy carrying straps in gilded aluminium. They are a matched pair of straps, both buckles are identical, and according to the vendors family, have been on the dagger since the war. A really nice looking dagger, a complete rig!
COMPLETE SWORD HANGER-WITH UNDER TUNIC STRAP. This is a complete Third Reich sword hanger which would have been worn under a tunic or similar. Consists of the 'over the shoulder' strap with leather flap and nickel clip. Attached to that is the lozenge shaped sword hanger itself that clips to the reverse of the scabbard. In virtually mint condition, with just a little age to one of the nickel clips. Bottom one marked with the OLC company stamp. Great accessory to finish a sword collection.
EARLY ALL BRASS EICKHORN 1695 LEOPARD HEAD SWORD. Not one of the Field Marshal series, but should have been! a stunning early brass example of this lovely sword. Brass is in fantastic condition and 'glows' with the brightness. All brass hilt has leopard head with bright red glass eyes. Black celluloid grip has triple brass wires running through it. Crossguard has outstretched eagle. Scabbard is straight and very clean, no damage. Has a full coat of gloss black paint. Blade is nickel plated and in lovely condition with no nicks etc. Early oval Eickhorn trademark is just visible under the reverse crossguard, hard to see. Is the type use from about 1935-38, so dates the sword well. GES GETCH is stamped underneath the hilt. Hard to find early BRASS versions of this sword, a good looking piece indeed.
EARLY ALL NICKEL 1st LUFTWAFFE DAGGER WITH DLV FITTINGS. At first glance this is a good looking, early 1ST Luftwaffe dagger with nickel fittings, chain and nice leather. It has a near perfect heavily plated blade and is by the sought after maker TIGER with the etched animal and SOLINGEN underneath. The crossguard and pommel have nice inset brass swastikas. The blue leather grip has triple twisted wire. The scabbard is covered in blue leather in excellent condition. However, if you look carefully at all of the scabbard fittings, there are two small holes in each, where staples would have been. They would not have been used on this dagger as these fittings are fixed to the body with the usual small grub screws on each edge. However, these little holes on each scabbard fitting were filled in at the time, as these were originally to be used on the DLV dagger. They decided to use up old stock, repair the holes and fit on a later (just) dagger. All very interesting stuff!!! The chain assembly is all nickel, as is the snap clip. The middle scabbard fitting has been period repaired, as it obviously came loose at one time, a lot time ago!!! Overall a really nice looking early 1st Luftwaffe dagger, with a bit of history in the making of these daggers. Very good for a type collector out there. very reasonable for an early dagger..............
EARLY ALL NICKEL 1st LUFTWAFFE DAGGER- VERY REASONABLE!! This is a decent example of an early 1st Luft by Eickhorn. The blade needs a decent polish as it's a bit dull. The nickel fittings have great patina and you can see the gilt in the swastikas. Scabbard has nickel fiiitngs and nickel chain and clip. The leather is old, but has been recovered at some time, a very long time ago!! Colour is perfect as is the texture, but the joining seam runs down the middle of the reverse. Well done, but not how it was. Dagger looks lovely, and is priced accordingly.
EARLY DLV/LUFTWAFFE TRANSITIONAL 1ST PATTN, DAGGER. Studying the history of some daggers is quite fascinating. The way the design progressed, and the way the manufacturers dealt with it. The original long 55cm DLV dagen was an extremely elegant thing, but proved to be unweildy as it was too long. The design was basically kept the same and it turned into the 1st. Pattern dagger we all know. Slightly shorter, but still elegant. During the time one changed from one into the other, resourceful dagger makers incorporated parts from the previous one and used them in the next. This is the case with these transitional 1st Luftwaffe daggers. This one is made by WEYERSBERG, one of the quality makers (and obviously they also made the earlier DLV). All heavy nickel fittings to the crossguard, pommel etc. The brass inset swastikas are beautiful and under the patina, probably still have some gilt. The crossguard is stamped with a tiny '92', which is also on the top edge of the scabbard throat too. Issue and accountability number probably. Neat though! Blade is a nickel plated variety. It is in near mint condition with the etched Weyersberg logo and a stamped Waffenampt stick eagle. Scabbard is where they have used up DLV dagger parts. Blue Moroccan leather is over a soft wood or paper base, therefore is 'squashy', not over steel like the later ones.There seems to have been some slight damage to the soft scabbard on one lower edge, at some time. This has been repaired and coloured in with the leather. Quite minor and not really noticeable, unless you look hard. The scabbard fittings are all attached to the scabbard body with nickel oval staples. There is a solid nickel hanger chain and belt clip. All the leather to the scabbard body and the grip is in excellent condition. Dagger has probably never been cleaned, and has great age patina. However, it also has quite a lot of the original lacquer and silver wash that was over the fittings originally, This can be seen in the protected areas of the scabbard and crossguard etc. A VERY nice example of a transitional Luftwaffe dagger. Priced accordingly.
EARLY HJ DAGGER BY GRAWISO - WITH MOTTO. This is a good , used example of an early (pre 1938) Hitler Youth boys knife. As they should have been, this has been properly used and the blade shows some sharpening along the edges, however it's quite light. The motto on this dagger is not etched very deeply, so is quite light. It's all there and you can see it easily. The blade is deeply stamped to the reverse GRAWISO Solingen, which I am sure is a shortened version of a longer name, but I don't know it! (Gebr Grafrath (Grawiso), Solingen-Widdert) Dagger is heavy steel based with nickel plated fittings. HJ diamond is fine with no damage or chipping. Grip plates are also fine with no cracks or damage. Scabbard has lost most of the original black paint on the front surface (very common) but looks good as the bare metal has taken on a patina of it's own. A USED dagger! The reverse has virtually all of the original paint present. The brown leather belt loop and cross strap are fine and supple. The popper stud works well. A good example of a proper, used dagger.
EARLY HJ DAGGER EICKHORN-WITH MOTTO UNISSUED. I was pleased to find this HJ dagger over the weekend, and it's what every collector wants. Motto, early maker, near mint condition. I doubt if this dagger was even issued as the condition is so good. Scabbard paint is flawless, belt leather and loop are stiff and unused. Nickel plating to hilt and crossguard are lovely, but it shows a little age where it's been touching the leather strap and loop. Grip plates and HJ diamond are 100%. Blade is lovely, has just a little age cloudiness just taking it off full mint. Reverse has the early stamped Eickhorn trademark which dates it to around 1933-35. Difficult dagger to upgrade.
EARLY HJ KNIFE WITH FULL MOTTO AND SOLID FITTINGS. This is a very nice, early example of a HJ boys knife by K & Co Solingen, with the trademark of back to back stags heads. Knife is an early all steel example with solid nickel plating which is virtually intact. A little wear around the top scabbard strap. Dagger has a nice HJ diamond which 'wiggles' nicely. This has early black Bakelite chequered grips. When it was assembled, and the steel rivets put through the grip, there are two small chips in the reverse grips where the rivets go through. A very common thinkg as the Bakelite is so delicate to damage. Very brittle. Apart from that, the dagger is in excellent, used condition. Black leather belt strap and cross loop are all fine. The scabbard has 75% of the original black paint throughout. Blade is very nice. Has clean and presentable surface, with full motto Blut und Ehre etched into the blade and very clear. The reverse has the trademark and Ges Geschutz stamped into the surface. This is an early piece, so no riccasso on the blade. There is a nice thick leather washer between the blade and the crossguard.
EARLY NSKK DAGGER WITH 'UPTURNED' CROSSGUARD AND UNUSUAL MAKER. As with all early NSKK daggers, they started life with brown standard SA scabbards, and then were painted black by their owners or the NSKK group. This has a very nice coating of original black paint over the brown finish. Where age has chipped some of the surface the brown anodising is visible underneath. Paint is about 90% intact. Lower scabbard fitting is virtually undented, but the heads of the screws have been removed long ago, leaving a smooth finish, but securely attached. Both scabbard fittings are yellow with patina and uncleaned. Grip is a lovely piece of polish hardwood. It is also VERY thick. Much thicker in the hand than Eickhorn or SMF types, but this was down to the individual factories and theyre are many subtly variations in grip profiles etc. There is a nice nickel eagle and undamaged SA button. The lower crossguard is noticeably 'upswept' at each end. Gives it quite an unusual appearance. It fits the grip perfectly, with no gaps or spaces, so has been expertly done. Why? To make it look a little different? Blade is very clean and shiny, has some crossgraining present, but otherwise is just a nice clean blade. Makers mark is the Will Kober & Co from SUHL, NOT made in SOLINGEN. Edged weapons NOT made in Solingen are few and far between. A decent NSKK, with a few differences!!!
EARLY ORIGINAL1933 SS DAGGER VERTICAL HANGER. A really good example of the SS vertical hanger used on early SS '33 daggers prior to the RZM period. Leather in excellnt condition, shows a fair amount of wear and use, but all very sound. Cross strap has a nice nickle finished roller buckle and the straps has some ink markings. Snap clip is a larger 'sword' type often found on the early variants. Clip is RZM stamped and marked. Hanger has been on a dagger for some time, although I purchased this as a single item and did not take it off the dagger. A good vertical hanger to complete your '33 SS.
EARLY SA DAGGER BY RARER MAKER 'ASSO'. Part of a small collection of SA daggers purchased recently, this is a nice rare maker 'ASSO'(Artur Schuttelhofer & Co., Solingen-Wald) with the crossed 'hobby horses' trademark. Dagger is in nice overall condition, with uncleaned nickel fittings. reverse lower crossguard is marked with Gau 'S'. Nice brown hardwood grip, with no damage. Scabbard has a nice finish of the brown anodising colour, but no lacquer. The lower scabbard ball has received a hit at some time and is dented. Blade has perhaps 50% of original crossgraining and finish. The Alles motto is deep and clear, and has a gold type burnishing remaining in the surfaces. Asso trade mark is deeply etched. Lower part of the blade has a few 'water mark' spots. Moisture has got inside the scabbard at some time, but very minor. Just prevents the blade from being near mint. A nice looking dagger.
EARLY SA DAGGER, UNCLEANED WITH NICE MAKER, NEAR MINT BLADE. I have purchased a small collection of early SA and NSKK daggers, all untouched and uncleaned-warts and all! This is A NICE SA by the great maker GEBRUDER HELLER SCHMALKALDEN. These daggers were not made in Solingen, so one of the few makers who were based outside the region. Dagger is in an untouched state. Nickel fittings have developed a nice yellow patina. Scabbard is undamaged and has all of the brown anodising and all of the lacquer, however the lacquer has bubble through and become rough. Unfortunatly, the dagger has been dropped on the lower scabbard fitting and it has squashed the lower ball. All the fittings are the same colour, so totally original to the piece. Grip is a nice piece of hardwood and still retains the varnish or shellac coating that it came with. Grip has a good look and feel to it, with no wear to the high points and edges. Blade is VERY nice. Still retains 98% of the original crossgrain polish, with some in-out scratches to the surface. NICE early SA
EARLY SA DAGGER, UNTOUCHED BY 'DANIEL PERES'. A nice find and straight from a ex-veteran family. I was contacted about this last week and the dagger arrived shortly afterwards. A very nice example that has not been on the market before. Untouched and un-cleaned. An early nickel type (of course). Nice mid colour wood grip, undamaged. Nickel grip eagle. Lower crossgaurd Gau marked No. Scabbard has 50% of the original copper coloured lacquer over the top of the brown anodising. The anodising seems to have bubbled through the lacquer on the lower half, probably due to old handling. Still an excellent scabbard and finish. Lower ball very slightly dented. Top scabbard ring has the original nickel snap clip from the short hanger, but the leather and buckle have gone to time. Blade is nearly MINT, if it wasn't for a couple of old finger smudges, it WOULD be mint. All the crossgraining is present and all the background burnish in the motto and trademark. This is a very nice dagger made by DANIEL PERES-SOLINGEN. Trademark is a barrell in an oval. I have not seen this maker much at all, and is a 8 out of 10 on the rariety scale. Hopefully one you may not have in your collection? Very nice early dagger.
EARLY SA DAGGER-FOUND IN A SHED!!!! AS FOUND CONDITION. Well, until a few weeks ago this was happily rusting away in an outhouse near Colchester. An absolutely, as found and untouched SA dagger by PUMA. The damp has caused the blade tang to swell with rust and it has expanded inside the grip and the grip has cracked accordingly. No wood missing, just a large crack running down the front. All the nickel fittings are completely untouched and are covered in a green/yellow patina. The scabbard still has the brown anodising, but also has a fine brown surface rust coating! The strangest thing is the blade has really survived un-scathed. It seems to have had some oil or grease coating, which has saved it completely. There is no rust or pitting on it at all. Someone has tried to clean the first inch or so with an abrasive pad or similar, which has left some fine surface scratches. That's about all. A great talking piece indeed. Either leave it exactly as it is, or perhaps restore it with a better grip etc. Most unusual. An early SA dagger for under £300!!!!!!!!!!!!
EARLY SA SHORT LEATHER DAGGER HANGER-COMPLETE. Another short leather hanger for the early SA dagger. Again not suitable for the RZM types. Brown leather is a little dry ans has a couple of surface cracks, however it is still completely sound and will go on a dagger nicely. All nickel fittings, buckle and snap clip are quite heavily patina'd, could be cleaned to a shine or left as they are.
EARLY SA WITH HOME GROUND ERASED ROHM BLADE. This is a decent , early SA, by EICKHORN. Has the larger oval trademark used by this firm from 1933-35. Half of the trademark has been ground away as part of the Rohm removal process. The grinder was not too careful as he's caught a little of the lower crossguard too!! Blade is very bright and presentable. Nice and clean with no edge damage or nicks etc. Rohm dedication and signature has been quite crudely removed. Certainly not a factory job! Adds to the character I feel. Grip and crossguards are uncleaned and quite deeply covered in patina. Gau mark is Ns.. Woof grip is fine apart from a small hairline age crack on the reverse. Scabbard retains some of the original brown 'anodising' but this is a bit patchy and has worn with age and handling. There are a few 'pin dents' in the reverse shell, where it's apparently been used to tap in a nail or two!! Lower scabbard fittings in not too badlyy dented but is slightly split at the seam. All scabbard screws are present. A very good overall example of a 'home erased Rohm' dagger. Good value for money.
EARLY SEMI-ERASED/ERASED ROHM SA DAGGER BY EP&S. A good example, but not mint, of an erased Rohm SA, from around 1933/34. The blade has been 'home erased', that is not returned to the factory, so there are lots of parts of the Rohm signature and dedication visible at the top and bottom edges. It's been well, but quite crudely done, which adds the the character of this piece. In addition there was an identification, or initials or something on the reverse grip at the top. It has also bee removed by grinding some of the wood away. Dagger is very nice overall, with a good obverse blade. Shows some polishing to the edges, perhaps part of the removal process, but still has a lot of crossgraining. Scabbard is extremely nice, still having most of the lacquer over the brown anodising. Maker on the blade is EP&S. Good value for an erased visible Rohm blade.
EARLY SHOOTING ASSOCIATION DAGGER WITH STAG GRIP. The Shooting Association was around long before the Third Reich appeared and their daggers are many and varied. Always interesting!!! This is a long cutlass, measured overall 22", and probably dates from the early 1930's. All fittings are brass but have been nickel/silver plated at some time, this has worn off the scababrd fittings, but not the crossguard and pommel. Nice deers hoof crossguard with fluted clamshell. really big and chunky stag horn grip with large fluted pommel cap. Scabbard is brown leather with brass fittings. Blade is a typical SHOOTING ASSOCIATION type with etched surfaces and the standard target with crossed rifles on both sides. This type of blade is found, nearly identically on every shooting association dagger or cutlass. It laso has the strange small section of crossgraining that goes the wrong way (across the blade) on the first 2" of the blade. Never can work out why this is. A very nice looking cutlass. Would look good with similar types or added to a Hunting/Forestry collection. The blade is nearly mint, but has NO maker.
EARLY SHORT SA DAGGER HANGER. Only suitable for an early, all nickel type SA dagger, this is a nice short hanger with nickel buckle and snap clip. Has age patina, but leather has a great colour and is very supple.
EICKHORN COLOURED SALES CARD FOR THE 1693 SWORD. This is a lovely example of Paul Casberg artwork for the 1692 Eickhorn dovehead sword. Would have hung in a retail outlet and advertised their wares accordingly. I have had several of these cards and I think there would have been a full set produced, but I have nver been able to keep them long eoung. Picture of the sword on the front, the revesr has details of the sword, the sizes and details of the Eickhorn company. It is missn the cardboard 'stand' that would have been stuck to the reverse. Other than that this is a great piece of period advertising.
EICKHORN SHOP TRADE DISPLAY/SIZE CARD-SWORDS-SIZES ETC. This is a great piece of memorabilia for any edged weapon collector. This is an advertising/sales card for the Eickhorn series of swords. Would have probably hung in a retail shop outlet or similat. A bit larger than A4 size, this is laminated on both sides. One side shos a selection of swords with their catalogue model numbers, the other shows sizes and lengths. So if you were X meters tall, you needed a sword of X length. A great piece of period advertising.
EXCELLENT 2nd LUFTWAFFE DAGGER, KNOT & HANGERS. A very nice and presentable 2d. Pattn. Luftwaffe dagger, complete with all accessories. In untouched condition, and it has gathered a very nice patina appearance. All metal parts have toned to the same colour, incuding the buckles on the hangers. A shory 23cm knot is tied in place around the grip and has been there for the past 70 years! Very nice cream celluloid grip with thin twisted wire. Nice, crisp detail to the pommel and crossguard. Pommel has traces of gilding on the swastikas. Scabbard is completely dent free and has the original dark grey surface finish. HAs not been polished or rubbed. Great looking scabbard! Blade is unmarked, but is in MINT condition with all crossgraining and needle sharp point. There are a nice set of hangers with the dagger, I think they have been there always, as this came from a veteran source. They are of the de-lux type with nice detail to the snap clip (oak leaves) and 'push in' lower clips. Nice cloth fronts with blue/grey velvet backs. A lot of collectors like these white/cream grip examples, as it seems to show off the elegance of this dagger well. Nice piece.!!
EXTRA LONG SCABBARD-THIRD REICH POLICE BAYONET WITH FROG AND KNOT. Whilst I think this is an early Weimar police bayonet that has been re-issued for Third Rich use, the conversions has been done exceptionally well. Most 'shortened' police bayonets measure somewhere in the region of 16"-17" overall. This example is over 20" long. Quite huge. There is no evidence of the old grip plate holes in the grip. The blade has retained all of the nickel finish and I cannot see any obvious evidence of it being cut down. It is a really high quality bayonet. Made by ALCOSO, it has the trademark on one side of the blade and the full maker details on the other. The scabbard leather is black and in near mint condition. The original police type frog is also black. The original police portepee is tied around the frog. This is one of the nicest police bayonets I have had in a long time. Great condition, early quality, really long and complete.
EXTRA SPECIAL PURCHASE SMALL POLICE PARADE BAYONET-EICKHORN This is a super quality, 1/3 smaller Third Reich police parade bayonet, as listed in the Eickhorn catalogue as 'Extra Seitengewhr fur die Deutche Polizei Nr 1320'.Overall length is 40cm, with a 24cm blade! There is a picture of this exact bayonet on the Eickhorn page description. These were made of aluminium and nickel plated. Everything was about 1/3 smaller than a standard police bayonet. Nice stag grips which have an aluminium police eagle pinned to the front (it wiggles!). Nice black leather scabbard with nickel plated top and bottom mounts. There is an original patent leather frog (slightly aged) with police coloured knot tied around it. Blade is 100% mint. Heavily nicel plated with post-1938 Eickhorn squirrel stamped into the riccasso. It's a shorter, carbine type blade, unique to this type of bayonet. I just don't see these police bayonets any longer, even in America. They are rare beasts! Lovely little police parade bayonet.
EXTREMELY RARE-SS BULLION OFFICERS SWORD KNOT. Something I am asked for a lot, but never find, until now. Even at the American SoS with 1600 tables, I only saw 2 of these for sale. They were gone by the end of the first day. This is the bullion sword knot that is found on SS Officers dagens. They are unique in construction, and although there are reproductions about, once you have seen and handled a real one, the fake ones are SO easy to spot. I have tied this on the hilt of a police sword to show it off at it's best. Wide, flat bullion strapping with thin black lines running along the edge. The ball itself is again constructed like a normal sword knot but all in bullion. The neck of the knot has the SS runes in flat weave inside a circle. Perfect detail and beautiful clarity (this is what gives the reproductions away) In the base of the ball, where the 'stuffing' usually is, there is a piece of the bullion strapping which forms part of the finishing touches. An absolutely beautiful knot. It shows a little age, and is a bit grubby from age, but has NO wear or damage, and will grace your SS dagen perfectly. These were also worn on Prinz Eugen swords, and I have also seen them tied to short parade bayonets!!! 100% original.
FACTORY PAPER BAG FOR F.W. HOLLER SWORD. This is a brown paper bag, never issued, for the Holler sword /dagger company. This paper bag is for a Holler sword. Has been damp and folded. Never issued, so details of sword are not filled in. No rips or tears.
FANATASTIC SS '33 MAN'S DAGGER-99% MINT-M7/80. This is perhaps the best RZM period SS man's dagger I can remember having. The fact that these later daggers were made of much more inferior materials than the early nickel varieties, means they just don't seem to survive the passage of time very well. However, this is the absolute exception. The alloy grip fittings have 100% of the nickel finish, as does to tang nut. The nut has never been turned. The black ebony grip has no damage or cracks, the aluminium grip eagle and SS button are stone mint. Scabbard has nickel plated steel fittings and again these are perfect. The scabbard body has a full coating of original black paint and apart from some VERY minor age chips, is also STONE MINT, amazing. As you can imagine from the condition of the exterior, the blade is also marvellous. It is a beautiful, MINT example. With 200% of the original crossgrain finish. The SS motto has 100% of the charcoal black finish to the letters. As does the makers mark and RZM number to the reverse. It is marked with the large RZM circle, RZM number and full manufacturing code. RZM m7/80 1197/39 SS. This is the code for GUSTAV SPITZER and of course was made in 1939. This is a SS dagger NOT to be upgraded. A real find. Not cheap, but I will not find another like this.
FANTASTIC NEAR MINT TRANSITION 1936 SS CHAINED DAGGER. I have not found a dagger like this in quite a few years now, so I am really pleased to be able to offer this to my customers. A really lovely example of a 1933 SS chained officers dagger with TYPE 1 chains. Not been in a collection before, so never messed with or taken apart. The dagger seems to have survived in a stable environment, hence the near mint condition. This type of SS dagger follows the same time period manufacture as the standard 1933 daggers. Early ones were all nickel, mid-period or transitional daggers were, part nickel/part steel construction. While the later ones used ersatz metal crossguards, plated fittings and aluminium or base metal grip eagles. This is a classic transitional piece. Crossguards are solid nickel, as is the grip eagle. The scabbard fittings etc are nickel plated. Again as is very common with these pieces, the lower crossguard has been plucked from the parts bin, where they used up all the older stock, and it has a Gau mark letter 'P'. This is totally acceptable, and as I said very common for these daggers. I have had perhaps 6-8 of these over the past years. They are featured and shown in Tom Wittmann's SS book, on page 625. The upper and lower crossguards are a beautiful untouched bright nickel, the top nut has never been removed or undone. The grip is a choice piece of ebony and is in very smooth condition. There is a very small chip from one corner on the top left hand underneath the top crossguard and the reverse lower grip edge where it touches the crossguard has a minute sliver missing. Again, most common as the ebony is so hard and brittle, if it is knocked or dropped, it cracks or chips!! These are both very minor blemishes and does not detract from the condition of the rest of the dagger. The scabbard is STUNNING. It has a flawless anodised finish with lacquer. 99% mint!! The Type 1 chain has all of the nickel plating 100%. The centre mount has the two screw fixing. The chain snap clip fixing has the DRGM stamp visible through the centre part. Textbook. Lower scabbard fitting again has 100% nickel plating and no dents to the ball or damage. Last but not least....the blade. Well, again I cannot stress how nice it is. It matched the condition of the rest of the dagger, and has been protected inside the scabbard for the past 70 years. It retains 100% crossgraining and 100% burnish to the motto background. A true MINT blade. Overall this is a stunning SS chained and worthy of ANY collection. These fetch an awful lot of money in the USA now, so I hope one of the collector there does not snap it up as I have priced it very competitively. Lovely dagger!
FANTASTIC RAD OFFICERS DAGGER-UNTOUCHED MINT-WITH MATCHING HANGERS. I was lucky enough to be asked to go to the south coast and view this dagger. Was released from the estate of the original veteran, who in tern was given the dagger as a gift from the RAD officer. This is one of the best RAD officers daggers I have owned. It is the later, all aluminium type, which means the condition is WONDERFUL!! The aluminium finish on the hilt is faultless and looks brand new!! The celluloid grips are slightly grubby with patina, but I have left them alone. There is a TINY surface crack to the reverse grip, just beside the central screw. The scabbard has the FULL coating of lacquer, and this has protected the blue/black finish the pebbled finish on the scabbard body!!! This is so unusual to see as it's one of the first things to wear off, or get polished off!! Fantastic to see. The blade itself is in mint condition, with no damage and the motto has full grey colour to the letters. The makers mark E.F. HORSTER is deeply etched into the blade. There is NO damage to the scabbard. Accompanying the dagger are the original set of brown leather hangers. These are in equally wonderful condition, and apart from a little moth to the reverse felt backings, are in mint condition too. In brown pigskin, with a distinctive pebbled finish, the fittings are the de-luxe type and still have the original gold/gilt finish. This really is a superb, complete set. Wonderful dagger with it's original hangers, all documented with a partial letter, explaining how the dagger was acquired and the name of the officer etc. This will be given to the future purchaser (copy)
FANTASTIC SS '33 DAGGER 1938 DOUBLE MARKED EICKHORN WITH ALL MATCHING TRIPLE HANGER. I was very pleased to take this into stock over the weekend. A prime example of a 1938 produced, double marked, Eickhorn RZM dagger!! Whilst I appreciate everyone desires the all nickle early versions. They were only produced up to about 1937/38, after that ALL SS daggers etc were under the control of the RZM, and this is what was issued to all. The dagger is lovely and the best thing is it is also complete with all the correct hangers etc. Top and bottom crossguards are the typical later produced ersatz alloy, but apart from some surface scratching, the original nickel plating is 95% there, and there is no oxidisation. The black ebony grip is perfect with the aluminium eagle and perfect SS button. Scabbard is near mint in every respect. Full coat of original black paint in perfect condition-superb! Nickel plated steel fittings are again perfect with no age and no damage. Attached to the scabbard ring is a fantastic TRIPLE leather hanger. Matches the dagger perfectly and in my opinion has always been on it. Black leather shows very little age and is nice and supple. Snap clip is RZM marked, small grip loop is also RZM stamped on inside of leather and date is also 1938, so matched blade markings date!!! Very nice and very rare accessory on it's own. Looking at the blade, it has all the original factory crossgraining. All the gret burnishing in the makers marks and the motto!! Superb. The maker is EICKHORN, and as I stated earlier it has the transition, double logo of etched post 1938 squirrel and above the RZM circle with the issue code of 941/38. Transitional pieces are highly collected, and this is a wonderful, complete example. Difficult to upgrade a dagger like this.
GREAT EARLY SA-'TIGER STRIPED' GRIP + UNIT MARKED. The SA dagger is a favourite of mine, and I admit to keeping a few of the more unusual ones I get. This is tempting me!! A great early dagger by ANTON WINGEN Jr. Scabbard has 100% of brown 'anodising' and 75% of the protective shellac lacquer too! Lovely clean all nickel fittings. Grip is beautiful and has the unusual grain feature that it looks to have 'tiger strips' running across the surface, most appealing.SA enamel button has one small piece of the enamel missing, seems to have been 'hit' and it's fallen out. Scabbard throat has issue/unit markings deeply stamped into the surface. Top lip has 31988 and bottom lip BR 16. Any ideas? Blade is extremely clean indeed, still seems to have most of the original polish/crossgrain running across the surfaces. Nice grey burnish to the recesses of the motto. VERY nice looking , early SA with some nice extra features.
GREAT HJ KNIFE WITH MOTTO AND BOKER MAKER. One of my regular suppliers offered me this dagger earlier this week and I was happy to buy it. A great little HJ knife with a desirable maker. BOKER. It is double marked on the reverse of the blade. BOKER trademark along with the RZM number M7/75 and the date of 1937. Obverse has a deeply etched motto 'Blut und Ehre'. Blade in very good condition indeed. HAs seen some use, but no damage or sharpening. Grip is chequered Bakelite, and the little enamel HJ diamond is perfect and 'rattles' when you shake it!! Boker used a blueing process on their scabbards, same as gun barrels, so this is not painted. Blued surface is in excellent condition and covered everywhere. The leather belt loop is a little fragile, but perfectly sound. The dagger grip loop was missing from this dagger, but I had a perfect spare, from a similar aged dagger, that has been professionally fixed. You wouldn't know unless I told you!!
GREAT QUALITY EARLY ARMY DAGGER WITH STRAPS AND KNOT. A complete army dagger rig alwys looks nice, especially if it has a coloured grip. This dagger has an earlier style orange celluloid grip with quite wide apart grip twists. Very good quality fittings that have toned to a gold colour with patina. Original bullion knot is tied in place. No damge to the dagger, no dents to the scabbard. Nice set of original hanging straps which have a little wear above one buckle, but have nice green velvet backs etc. Blade is virtually stone mint with all crossgraining etc. This blade has NO maker mark, quite common for army daggers, no idea why. An excellent example for your collection.
GUARD CAT LOOKS AFTER STOCK!! Turn away for one minute and someone sleeps on your stock!! Sadly the old chap is no longer with us...awful and we are very sad. Long live Mojo, best cat in the world!
IMPERIAL DOUBLE ETCHED ARTILLERY SABRE & KNOT. Dating from pre-WW1, probably 1890-1900, this is well preserved example of an artillery sabre with a double etched blued curvd blade. One side is etched the unit 'Field Artillery Regt. No 76' on the other are beautifully etched mounted soldiers galloping along with their guns!! Grip is sharkshin covered, with wire wrap intact. Steel hilt has nickel plating, but age has created a few rust patches, surface only. There is an original leather knot tied to the hilt. Scabbard is black painted steel with single fixed ring. Good looking sword that is over 100 years old.
IMPERIAL GERMAN NAVAL DAGGER-SAILING SHIP BLADE- IVORY GRIP. A very good example of a shorter style Imperial German naval Officers dress dagger. HAs good all brass fittings, and a solid ivory grip. Pommel has the 'open' type Imperial crown. Ivory grip shows the normal ivory age lines running through it, but no damage etc. Nice crossguard in the typical capstan style with integral release button. Scabbard has a few slight age/carrying dents, but nothing serious. The scabbard bands are very different as they look to be laurel leaves rather than oak leaves. The scabbard rings are a copper colour. Blade is double etched with sailing ships on both sides. As was the fashion and practice in this time, I think the blade has been period shortened from a 1890 longer type. However, it's been properly done, as so many were, and matches it's scabbard length. The older style navy daggers were very long in some instances, and proved to be unwieldy in wear, so they were shortened to the length we are familiar with, and this size carried on into the Weimar and Third Reich era. Nice looking dagger, no maker, but that was quite common too.
IMPERIAL GERMAN SWORD OR BAYONET KNOT-BADEN? THIS IS A VERY NICE SWORD KNOT FOR AN iMPERIAL SWORD, FROM THE BADEN OR WURTTEMBERG AREAS. Consists of a black cloth strap with twin silver lines and a red one in the middle. Looks a lot like the Third Reich police knot, but actually is much rarer. If you have a nice designate Imperial sword, then this is a good addition. RARE knot.
IMPERIAL GERMAN TRENCH ART LETTER OPENER MADE OF SHRAPNEL This is a great piece of trench art,made, it seems from a single piece of shrapnel, which is still raw and original and forms the handle. Further down the steel has been formed into the actual knife and blade of the letter opener with an iron cross formed on the top
ITALIAN WW2 MVSN OFFICERS DAGGER. Not quite as prolific as Germany, but the Italians had some decent dress daggers too. This is the 1937 M-1937 Italian MVSN Dagger with gilt brass chains.Cast aluminum hilt fittings show light surface wear with no damage to the eagle head pommel and upturned crossguard. Black bakelite grip plates show only light surface wear with no cracks or chips. Attached to the obverse grip plate is the brass Italian Fasces emblem. Plated, tapered cross-section blade grades near mint.Dagger is complete with gilded brass chain hanger with 4 upper and 7 lower rings attached to a large brass "M" which, in turn, is connected to a gilded brass snap with large right-facing Roman eagle above the letters, "SPQR". Hanger shows light surface wear/age patina. Scabbard has some plate loss showing the blued finish underneath. 85% original finish underneath.
LAND CUSTOMS DAGGER AND STRAPS-BY EICKHORN-UNTOUCHED. One of the more harder daggers to find, especially with matching hangers! Never been in a collection before, this came from a contact and was in a house in the Midlands. It's not a mint dagger, but has been properly used by the original owner as you can see from the wear on the straps. The pommel and crossguard are in brushed aluminium, whilst the scabbard fittings are nickel plated over steel base. A very common combination for Eickhorn pieces. Nice dark green leather grip with single twisted wire. Green leather scabbard is in good condition. Has shrunk a little with age and you can see a little of the scabbard shell at the seam on the edges. The dagger has been in a damp arae at some time and there are a couple of patches of old surface rust on the lower scabbard fitting on the reverse. The rest of the fittings retain their bright nickel plating with just a few age spots showing through here and there. Blade is the standard 'army' type and in very good condition. Most of crossgraining present and a needle sharp point. With this dagger are the ORIGINAL set of customs hangers that carried this dagger. Silver bullion fronts with twin green lines. The buckles and slides are aluminium and have the laurer leaves on them. Reverse has green velvet backing, which shows carrying wear and is a little freyed along one edge. This dagger and hangers were definately worn a lot by this customs officer! Overall a really nice rig, which is very collectable, and rare to find. AN EXCELLENT PRICE FOR A RARE DAGGER COMPLETE!
LATE WAR VARIATION HJ BOYS KNIFE-CELLULOID ACCESORIES. There were many subtle variations of HJ knives. The early war period ones were most interesting, however as the war developed, natural resources became scarce and different materials were used. I have seen Hj daggers with the belt loop and cross strap made of pressed paper and hardended fabric. Sadly these are VERY rare as time has destroyed the material if it was not kept in a very dry environment. One of the materials that did survive, was celluloid. They used it as an early form of plastic and molded many things from it. Dagger grips (luft and army) being prime examples. However, they also used it on HJ daggers to make the belt loop and top dagger pommel loop. Made in black celluloid it served the job well. Unfortunately, it becomes very brittle with age and nearly all of the hJ daggers I have owned made like this, something has cracked or broken as the celluloid goes very hard. This HJ knife is in extremely nice condition and has a PERFECT celluloid belt loop and cross strap. It is quite hard, but works as it should and the cross loop popper fixing snaps shut etc. Dagger is in great condition and has nearly all of the nickel plating over the grey metal hilt and crossguard. Nice original black paint. Blade has NO maker markings or RZM markings at all. Blade is in overall very nice, bright condition, no been sharpened. There is some slight surface roughness to one side, at the bottom. I think soem moisture was trapped inside the scabbard and affected the blade a little. Nice HJ knife and if you collect types and variations, this is one for you. Very unusual to get a complete, undamaged one of these.
LUFTWAFFE 2nd. Pattn DAGGER WITH KNOT AND STRAPS BY EP&S. Ernst Pack and Sonn made some very high quality daggers, and to that end they have become collected in their own right. This one has their most desirable trademark type, the large one with the Seigreid Waffen script. Daggerhas been hanging on a wall for some time and this has affected the grip colour etc. One side is quite yellow, where the other has toney to a tangerine orange! Very appealing. There is an original23cm knot tied around the grip. In good condition and has been there for ever. Blade is the nickel plated variety and is in lovely condition. Very bright and clean. Tip is needle sharp. There is a little blade age staining to a very small part of one edge, but nothing serious and absolutely no pitting. Scabbard has much of the original grey finish left. One side slightly better than the other. Side that was nearest the wall has some old fingerprint discolorations which has left some marks on the surface. Not serious though. There are a set of the de-luxe Luftwaffe straps with the dagger in overall good condition. Show some swing wear to the tops and the metal eyelets inside the buckles have gone rusty. All commensurate with this dagger hanging for a long while, perhaps in a damp environment. Overall a nice looking dagger, described and priced accordingly.
LUFTWAFFE 2nd. Pattn. DAGGER WITH STRAPS AND KNOT BY ERNST PACK & SONNE. EP&S daggers of any type have become quite collectable in their own right. I think it's the quality and the lovely trademarks this manufacturer used. This is a very decent example of their product. Is complete with a 23cm knot and the original set of hangers. The dagger has normal alloy fittings and has been uncleaned for some time. There is a nice off white/cream celluloid grip, with single twisted wire. Scabbard is undamaged and is one of the nickel plated types, so would have been quite bright when new. Has dulled down over the years. The blade is wonderful. EP&S used heavy nickel plate on their blades and this is all still 100% so very clean and bright. To the reverse is the etched larger EP&S trademark, with the Blacksmith wheedling the hammer over the anvil and the Ernst Pack and Sonne Solingen around it.
LUFTWAFFE 2nd. Pattn. DAGGER, WHITE GRIP WITH KNOT AND HANGERS. Purchased recently along with the navy dagger. A very good example of the Luftwaffe 2ND Pattn dagger. This one has the nice sideways trademark of the ALCOSO company positioned just underneath the crossguard. This is the last type of trademark Alcoso used, from 1941 onwards, so this dates the dagger accordingly. Blade is very nice with all crossgraining. Scabbrd is grey metal, no blued finish left, but is undamaged, no dents. Pommel and crossguard are nice grey alloy. White celluloid over wood grip with single twisted brass wire. There is an original 23cm portepee tied around the grip. Been there for ever, but is slightly frayed. There are a nice set of Luftwaffe hangers that came with it. Blue velvet backs, nice grey and silver bullion fronts with grey metal fittings. All clips and buckles work well. Good example of a later produced dagger. Excellent value for money
LUFTWAFFE BLUE TEAR-DROP SWORD HANGER. This was the second hanger I obtained at the MAX show trip earlier this month. Again this is a really difficult accessory to find and is specifically designed to fit on the Luftwaffe sword to attach it to the wearers belt. Consists of 2 pieces, the belt loop and the part that clips the reverse of the sword. In blue leather with brown leather reverse. It is maker marked, dated 1938 and LBA stamped. In very good condition, will complete your Luftwaffe sword!
LUFTWAFFE HANGING STRAPS WITH BROWN LEATHER TOPS. These are one of the most appealing looking Luftwaffe hanging straps. Blue/grey fabric with bullion strips, held to the top belt clip with nice brown leather tabs. This was a another variation on how they were made. So you could have just fabric sewn over the top, metal swing tabs, or leather fixed tabs. Nice hangers showing only minimum wear. Good velvet backs, nice buckles and snap clips. Excellent set.
LUFTWAFFE PARADE SWORD BY SMF-ALUMINIUM. This is an extremely nice Luftwaffe Officers parade sword by SMF. This is a slightly later type sword and is made of brushed aluminium with blue leather covering. Aluminium swords were the 'new metal' and in the 1940's were a revalation in metal. Because thay don't really age, the aluminium fittings nearly look as good now as they did then. This has 85% of the original factory gilt still on the large pommel and crossguards. The leather covering to the grip and scabbard are in the original mid-blue colour. It has not been handled or polished, so has not lost the colour. The sword still has the original crescent leather hanger attached to the twin scabbard rings. This is a rare hanger and is often missing. The blade is MINT. It is 28" in length. The SMF trade mark and the little 'waffanampt' inspection stamp are deeply impressed into the blade. The scabbard leather is lovely. There are just a few very small blemishes to the edge near the bottom. Not surprising after 70+ years. The overall length of the sword is 36 1/2 " long. A good looking sword.
LUFTWAFFE SWORD LEATHER SUSPENSION HANGER AND CLIP-DATED. A really difficult accessory to find is this teardrop hanger to go on the Luftwaffe Officers sword. It is specifically designed to clip on the cresent shaped hanger that is attached to the 2 sword scabbard rings, and then goes onto the dress belt. The hager is in blue leather with a brown leather backing. The reverse is maker marked, stamped across the top and also dated 1937 and 1938, so was possibly re-issued. A great and unusual hanger.
LUTFTWAFFE DAGGER HANGING STRAPS. This is a decent set of Luftwaffe dagger hanging straps. A standard set with no embellishments to the clips and fittings, so a standard set. Cloth in good condition, with silver bullion lines and velvet backing. A little age wear as these have been used. No damage or splits. Good solid set.
MID-PERIOD 1936 SS CHAINED DAGGER-UNUSUAL EICKHORN BLADE. I am always asked to find 'nice SS daggers', seems to always be a very popular collectable. The 1936 SS officers chained dagger is one of the most popular and also one of the most expensive. The very early, all nickel varieties seem to fetch amazing sums here, but especially in America. This is a very good example of a mid- period piece. As everything fits together so well, this is an officer 'upgraded' piece. He was obviously carrying his 1937 issued SS '33 dagger, but was then promoted and allowed to wear the 1936 chained example. He kept the dagger and just purchased a new scabbard. The dagger is a 1937 marked Eickhorn variety. It has unmarked solid nickel crossguards and nickel grip eagle. The ebony grip is excellent, with a few age brusies, but nothing else. The blade is a lovely example. Crossgraining and very clean. The reverse is just etched with a very small RZM circle and below 941/37/SS. This is one of Eickhorns special production codes. I have NEVER had this code as early as this, had a 1939 example but never this one. The etching/code itself is really rare and a type not seen. There is an example in Tom Wittmann's SS book on page 183. It is exactly the same, but this is for 1937 and his is for 1939. The chained scabbard is a mid-to late period example. It has nickel plated STEEL chains of the type 1 example. Plating is intact, little missing from the clip area. Scabbard paint is ORIGINAL to the dagger and is 98% intact. Upper and lower fittings are in good condition also. Bottom ball is not dented. A great example of a period ungraded piece, and quite commonly found. (I have an early erased Rohm example in my own collection).
MINIATURE GERMAN HUNTING CUTLASS. A pretty little miniature of a German Hunting Cutlass in brass. Very well made. Has nice gilded blass fittings. Stag crossguard and stags head cast into the pommel. real stag horn grip. Scabbard is black leather with brass fittings. Blade is double etched with different hunting scenes each side. There is a round maker mark consisiting of 2 acorns?. A very nice little piece to go with a Hunting or Forestry collection.
MINT EICKHORN 'WRANGEL' DOVE HEAD SWORD. This is an absolute stunning sword. Gilded aluminium hilt is 100% intact...beautiful condition. This is the model 1693 Eickhorn 'Wrangel' dove head officers sword, it was also available with a lion's head, but this version is not common at all!! Condition of the complete sword is fantastic. Mint nickel plated blade, with Eickhorn stamped logo. Perfect black scabbard with all original paint. Underneath of crossguard is stamped GES GETCH, (patt pending design). Black celluloid grip is perfect and wrapped with triple aluminium wire. A really nice looking thing.....................
MINT-UNISSUED-ORIGINAL 42cm BULLION KNOT. I have been trawling my contacts in Germany, and have managed to acquire the odd bullion knot. New/old stock! This is a 100% original silver bullion dagger knot as used for army, red cross, SS 1936 daggers etc. It is still in the cotton tie, and never been issued or used. This knot has quite thick bullion cord, and would tie really well to a mint dagger of some sort.
NEAR MINT BULLION PORTAPEE FOR NAVY DAGGER. A near mint example of the 42cm portapee used on the Third Reich navy dagger. As with 99.99% of the knots found on existing navy daggers, the bottom insert of the ball has a 'puckered' finish. I still have no idea why these knots were used on navy daggers and no where else. There is no other distinguishing feature apart from this. Perhaps they had a manufacturing contract? Never seen any period reference to this either, but the fact remains, these are fond on virtually EVERY navy dagger! Very nice knot, will suit a mint or near mint dagger.
NEAR MINT LION'S HEAD SWORD BY MwM. PERSONALISED + KNOT. This is a choice example of an officers lion's head sword by a seldom encountered maker MwM Waffen. They were not prolific in the dagger and sword market, but their product was exceptional quality. This is a beautiful sword! Brass base hilt it has nearly 100% of the original fire gilt present. Lion's head is in great details with red glass eyes. Celluloid grip is perfect and has triple wire wrap. There is an original green leather parade knot tied in the correct manner. Scabbard has original black paint which is 95% present with a little wear and spotting to the lower area, but NOTHING at all serious, just a little age. Otherwise this is a near perfect scabbard. Blade is beautiful and measures 31.5", it is nickel plated and in mint condition. The reverse crossguard is engraved with the original owners initials, which look like A Sh or ASH .
NEAR MINT SA DAGGER- RZM M7/13. To find one of the later RZM produced SA daggers in mint condition, is really difficult now. The metal and plating they used does not last well and oxidises quite easily. This is a fabulous example of a later SA dagger by Athur Shuttlehoffer who used the RZM code of M7/13. All the nickel plating over the fittings is perfect. The grip is a lovely piece of medium wood. There is a slight sliver to the top of the rear crossguard that is slightly lifting. Eagle is a nickel example. Scabbard has 100% of the brown paint. Some age spidering, but complete. the blade is STONE mint. HAs all of the crossgraining and all of the burnishing to the motto. A VERY nice SA dagger.
NEAR MINT SET OF KREIGSMARINE ADMINISTRATION DAGGER HANGERS. I was really pleased to find this 100% matched set of 'silver' Third Reich navy dagger hangers, with belt loop. These are now very hard to find, and whilst the majority of dagger hangers were the 'gilt' type, the navy administration insignia is all silver, and that includes their dagger hangers! These are in near mint condition, and look to have hardly been worn at all. The snap clips and chain are heavily silver plated and have toned a little dark with patina/age. The silver buckles are perfect and a matchd pair. The moire fabric cloth hangers are in mint condition and the reverse black velvet backings show no wear at all. A wonderful set of hangers here.
NEW GUARD CAT ON THE PROWL! Have waited for a while after the sad loss of MOJO. We now have a Maine Coon by the name of Chewbacca. He has settled in perfectly and carried on the tradition of guarding my stock!!
NICE EXAMPLE 1936 SS OFFICERS CHAINED DAGGER. Perhaps one of the most sought after daggers, and usually the pride of most collections. SS daggers have remained a good, solid investment and continue to be in demand and hold their prices. This is a very decent (not mint) example of the mid to later period dagger, produced around the 1940's. Dagger itself has a very nice ebony grip with no damage. Ss button has gone black with age. grip eagle is aluminium, which gives away it's production date as being within the RZM period. Crossguards are alloy but have an excellent nickel plating cover, with no oxidising. They have toned a little yellow, so look exactly like solid nickel varieties. Both have identical casting/maker marks inside. Blade is beautiful, with 99% original crossgrain/polish and with all the grey anodising in the background letters. Scabbard has had a anodised/blued finish which is still perhaps 80% intact. A very nice 'type 2' chain assembly, with bevelled top links connecting to the distinctive top fitting. Middle scabbard fitting has a single screw connecting it to the scabbard body. lower scabbard fitting in undamaged. All screws are present, although it looks like someone has tried to take a few out at sometime. Reverse scabbard has a couple of small surface dents. A very nice looking example of a 'used' SS chained dagger. (very similar to dagger currently listed on Tom Wittmanns site)
NICE MATCHED SET OF EARLY BRASS NAVY HANGERS-COMPLETE. I enjoy finding good sets of navy hangers, as they are really hard to track down, especially the early all brass types. Here are a good pair of EARLY all brass hangers, completely matching and been together always. Nice heavy brass buckles and fittings, with good quality black moire straps with black velvet backings. Have been used and worn with a dagger and I estimate these caouls easily dates back to the early 1930's or late 1920's, but were certainly worn into the Third Reich period too. Some wear and use (of course!) but a great set to go with an early dagger.
NICE RED CROSS MAN'S DAGGER WITH ORIGINAL FROG. This is a great looking Red Cross man's dagger, complete and in very good condition. The dull nicle plating to all the hilt fittings and scabbard is all there, no lifting. Perfect set of black grip, chequered one side, plain the other. There is the original heavy black leather frog attached to the scabbard. These are unique to Red Cross daggers, no other frogs fit them. Stamped with an H on the reverse. Scabbard itself is 100% straight, no dents or damage. Has all the original black paint, a bit spidered with age, but ORIGINAL. Blade is STONE MINT and covered in an old yellow grease, which has completely protected it for the past 70+ years. A really nice looking dagger with character.
NICE SET OF ARMY DAGGER HANGING STRAPS. A set of the hanging straps for the army officers dress dagger in excellent condition. Silver bullion fronts with brown/tan velvet backings with very little wear. The metal oval buckle fittings on this pair are quite unusual as they are hollow cast, not solid as normally seen. good bottom clips all fine and working. A great addition to your army dagger.
NICE, COMPLETE ARMY DAGGER & RIG WITH ORANGE GRIP. A recent local family buy and they took it off the wall to show me when I came in! Dagger has much age patina and dust! In fact top edge of grip and top edge of scabbard are really dusty etc, as that's where it's been hanging for MANY years! This is a mid-period piece, and has some nice features. Is an unmarked blade, but nonetheless is a super, untouched example. Original bulluion portapee is tied in place. Just a little swing wear to one side. Dagger still has most of the original lacquer over the silver plate, where this is missing the silver has oxidised etc. Really dark orange celluloid grip in perfect condition. Nice undented scabbard. There are the original hanging straps with the dagger. These show a little wear in places, seem to have been worn under a tunic and the tunic edge has rubbed the bullion in one place. Blade is near mint. No maker, but needle sharp and all crossgraining present. NICE looking army dagger.
NPEA STUDENT LEADERS DAGGER-BERGSMULLER NPEA daggers are extremely rare and somewhat elusive.! The NPEA daggers are not quite as glamorous as the other dress daggers, and were made for a purpose. They share many parts with the SA dagger design, but are significantly different. This is a really well preserve STUDENT LEADERS dagger from the POTSDAM school. It is an early dagger by BERGSMULLER, and therefore has nickel crossguards and nickel grip eagle. Grip is a beautiful colour, perhaps rosewood? Has the inset SA type eagle in the middle only. This is the only difference between the normal student dagger and the student leader. Nickel crossguards top and bottom with nickel top nut. Lower reverse crossguard is stamped with the large letters and numbers used by the Potsdam school for accountability. All these daggers were kept by the individual schools and issued/leant to the students and officers. When they left, the daggers were issued to the next intake. Scabbard is complete with 98% of the original drab green paint. There is a bayonet type lug on the front for the leather hanger. The blade is quite stunning as it has survived in virtually MINT condition. All crossgraining is present and the burnishing in the motto and trademark is 100% deep and clear. Perfect, crisp etchon both sides. The Bergsmuller log is the complete one with the full address in a crescent shape. A dagger missing from most collections. This would be hard to upgrade.
ONE OF THE BEST IMPERIAL NAVY DAGGERS I HAVE OWNED. DAMASCUS BLADE, HAND CHASED SCABBARD. Whilst not from private sources, this has not been in a collection before. It is one of the most fantastic and unusual Imperial era naval daggers I have owned. Apart from it's many other features, it has a signed and stamped DAMASCUS blade by DINGER. Tang stamped M+D, twice. I have several Damascus blades in my collection, but this is the first time I have had one with the full stamping on the tang. I think the blade pattern is 'maidenhair' Damascus, and a work of art. It is beautiful and in 99% mint condition. The complete dagger measures some 16" overall, so is the size of the normal Third Reich type we all know. Grip has a single twisted brass wire and of course is solid ivory. There is on very slaa crack just underneath the pommel. The pommel itself is a 1919 flame pommel, so has perhaps been 'upgraded' for the 1919 Reich navy period.(see Tom Wittmann's Imperial navy book) Beautifully cast with waves and cat tails. Crossguard is a standard Imperial type with block center. The release/locking mechanism for the blade is by a tension spring, rather than a button. Blade is as described, but in addition to being stamped by the smithy who made the Damascus, it is also stamped on the riccasso with crossed swords and GB&S. This is the retail distributor who ordered or sold the dagger. Now we come to the scabbard. This is a fantastic, hand beaten, hand chased, embossed super de-luxe type. Unique. Scabbard rings are 'reef knot' types, above and below are handle embossed panels showing various oak leaves etc.It's a fantastic thing and would have cost a small fortune. Whilst the scabbard bands are there, the rings have been removed, and another, smaller ring been professionally attached to the rear of the scabbard, in order for the dagger to be hung completely vertically, similar to the 1919 pattern. Added to the Damascus blade and ivory grip, this would have cost a great deal of money when ordered. At the very bottom of the scabbard is the stamped number '5'. This is also present on most of the other parts, crossguard, blade tang brass spacer etc. Proves that this dagger was made together and has stayed together. There is a very similar dagger pictured in Tom Wittmann's' Collecting The edged weapons of Imperial Germany, page 181. No two daggers are the same! Therefore this is UNIQUE in the world and the only one like this.
ONE OF THE BEST LION'S HEAD SWORDS I HAVE OWNED. I am pleased to offer this beautiful lion's head sword, complete with original knot and small leather hanger. It's made by ALCOSO and is absolutely lovely! Alcoso swords are quite uncommon, but like Eickhorn Alcoso made a quality product, and this does not disappoint! All brass hilt has all the original fire gilding and wonderful casting detail to the lions head, backstrap and crossguard. It is shown in the Angolia sword book on page 64 and designated by Alcoso as model Nr 119. I have had 100's of swords through my hands, but I can't remember having this one before. Red glass eyes in the lions head. Perfect black celluloid grip with triple twisted brass wires. Scabbard is perfect, no damage or dents, has 99% of original paint. Nickel plated blade is STONE MINT, and the Alcoso trademark appears just underneath the reverse crossguard. probably not possible to upgrade this sword. VERY, VERY nice.
ONE OF THE NICEST EARLY NSKK DAGGERS I HAVE OWNED-RARE MAKER. Early NSKK daggers were converted/re-painted SA daggers. Their only distinguishing feature was the black painted scabbard. It was not until the RZM period that the different factories painted the scabbards at source. So this is an early NSKK that has had a beautiful black painted scabbard. early all nickel fittings are beautifully clean and near mint. The wood grip is a lovely piece of light brown hardwood with perfect nickel eagle and SA button. The lower crossguard is marked with the Gau stamp S. Scabbard has a beautiful coat of gloss black paint, looks period to me as there are a few age scraps and edge chips, but VERY minor. Just enough to show it was not done yesterday! Nickel scabbard fittings are lovely. Very tiny indentation to lower scabbard ball. The maker on the blade is ADOLF VOLKER SCHMALKALDEN. THIS IS ONE OF THE FEW MAKERS THAT WERE NOT BASED IN Solingen, AND THAT IN ITSELF MAKES THIS A RARER DAGGER.(it's over 346km away from Solingen!)Blade itself matches the condition of the rest of the dagger, near mint in every respect, with all crossgraining and grey etched motto etc. Lovely. A very nice looking dagger with a rare maker and condition to match.
ORIGINAL NAVY PORTAPEE/DAGGER KNOT STILL IN TIE. Recently obtained from Germany, this is a 42cm original silver bullion dagger portapee, as removed from the dagger! It is still in the complicated 'reef type' tie and with a little effort can be slipped onto your existing dagger. Has ben on a dagger for 70 years so shows a little age, but is basically perfect, would look excellent on a dagger in similar condition. Navy portapee are distinguished by the fact that 99% of them found on a dagger have the puckered or 'cats anus' type finish to the bottom inside of the ball. This has that finish and has obviously been tied to a navy dagger. a great chance to finish off your navy dagger.
ORIGINAL PAUL SEILHEIMER WW2 SALES CATALOGUE. There is nothing better than seeing pictures of the original daggers in the original souece material. I have 3 original copies of the Paul Seilheimer sales catalogue fro pre-WW2. There are 8 pages depicting their full range of daggers and swords. Gey/green covers, with slight age fading to the edges.
ORIGINAL RAYON THIRD REICH NAVY KNOT/PORTAPEE STILL TIED IN PLACE. Another knot obtained from Germany and obviously removed from a dagger. This is a cream rayon type Third Reich dagger knot, still in the tie as it came off the dagger! Rayon knots were used on daggers from the 1940's and was the 'new' material. This knot has aged with time to a darker, golden colour. Some very slight age wear, but perfect otherwise. A small piece of the thread running around the top of the ball has come loose and been re-fixed at some time. As with 99% of original navy knots, it has the puckered or 'cats anus' finish to the inside of the ball at the bottom. This is ready to carefully slip onto your navy dagger.
ORIGINAL, UNISSUED 42cm BULLION KNOT, STILL IN CELLULOID PACKET! Some years ago a wartime stock of these knots was uncovered and were released onto the collectors market. They all disappeared instantly. Recently acquired from a collector in Germany, this is a similar knot. They were all originally wrapped in thin see-through 'plastic bags'. Actually celluloid wrap. this has amazingly still survived and is wrapped around the unissued knot inside. The knot is in MINT condition and still tied together with cotton. the celluloid bag is also complete and un-torn, it has just taken on the shape of the knot. A fantastic piece of 'new/old stock and is completely original, now70 years old. Great to display with a similar un-issued dagger.
PAIR OF SA DAGGERS-NO SCABBARDS. SPARES OR COMPLETE. I purchased these as part of a small package of items, these were the only daggers in it. A reasonable pair of SA daggers that are in decent condition and really just need a scabbard to complete them. If you have a nice SA scabbard or a black NSKK one you will have a good dagger. Both have good grips, decent blades. One is by Emis Voos and the other is a maker I have NEVER seen Richard Balke and Sohn. A rare dagger indeed. here is a good chance for you to add a couple of nice daggers to your collection, or just hang onto them until you find a scabbard or two!!!
PARATOOPER-FALLSHIRMJAGER 'TAKE DOWN' GRAVITY KNIFE. These WW2 Third Reich era gravity knives always prove very popular with collectors. This is the rarer 'take down' type, with a little effort the throat slides off revealing all the workings inside. It has a decent blade with just a couple of small indentations at the tip, no evidence of sharpening. Blade is etched with the makers mark of PAUL WEYERSBERG. Most of these were made by SMF, so it's nice to find an alternative maker. All the steel parts of this were originally blued, and this is now about 70% present. All the spring and locking mechanism is original and works perfectly. Marlin spike is fine and stamped on the base with a little '5' waffanampt stamp. Trigger release and back spring are stamped 77. Throat and internal parts are all stamped 564.
PERIOD MADE SA DAGGER STYLE KNIFE. Purchased in Germany at a recent market, I have no idea what this is, but it's made like and with bits of an SA dagger. Could be a one off, could be theatrical? Has long 11" steel blade. Crossguard and pommel fittings like a SA dagger, grip is a modified SA dagger grip with no insignia. Weird thing, looks great!
POLICE OFFICERS SWORD BY WEYERSBERG. A very good example of the Police Officers dagen, complete with wide police officers knot tied in place. Made by Paul Weyersberg. Nicle plated hilt fittings just show a little age here and there. Black ribbed rip is perfect and there is a silver aluminium police eagle set into the grip. Super wide police officers sword knot tied in place. Scabbard is completely straight with no damage or bends.It has virtually all of the ORIGINAL black gloss paint and looks really good. Steel nickel plated fittings are fine, with a little age lifting. Matt finished blade is virtually mint, lovely condition! It has the original white leather washer in place at the throat. There is a little discoloration under the washer, where moisture has been. This came from a find in Warwickshire, has never been in a collection, never cleaned or taken apart, this is the first time offered onto the market. Nice sword!
RAD OFFICERS DAGGER BY WKC. This is a really nice example of the RAD Officers dress dagger, There is very little oxidisation to the fittings, as is common with these pieces. In fact there is just a small patch underneath the birds beak on the pommel. Nothing else. Full silver plating elsewhere. Scabbard is perfect with no dents or damage. 100% silver plating with places showing the lacquer and frosting still. Blade is also near mint, with crossgraining and full polish. Grey background to the motto. WKC trademark etched into blade.A very nice, collectable and presentable RAD dagger.
RARE EARLY THIRD REICH NAVY DAGGER-ALCOSO. To find a navy dagger not made by Eickhorn is quite a challenge! Whilst Eickhorn made a superb product, they seemed to dominate the navy dagger market at the time, and 85%+ of the daggers I find or sell are by them. This is an exception, and a very nice exception too!! A very early Third Reich period navy dagger by ALCOSO. Has a beautiful near mint blade, with early long riccasso and a beautiful SAILING SHIP double etched blade. The ALCOSO trademark is from the early 30's and is a small stamped scales with ACS underneath. I suspect that this dagger started life as a 'flame pommel' 1929 piece and was converted to a Third Reich piece by the addition of a swastika pommel. The evidenc of the scabbard bears this out as it has a beautiful set of 'reef knot' scabbard hanging bands. A really super looking dagger. grip is celluloid, but has aged to look like ivory. Crossguard is the unique one used by Alcoso. The reverse having a diamond in the centre, not an anchor and the push release button in the middle of that. Alcoso made a really quality product, and it's very difficult to find their navy daggers. A very nice example.
RARE PATTERN THIRD REICH OFFICERS SWORD BY ALCOSO. Sword collecting is extremely rewarding, as apart from the size and display issues, you get a lot for your money and the variations are huge. This is a RARE Officers sword by ALCOSO, it features in John Angola's sword book on page 69 and it's the only one I have ever had of this type. Unattributed (no model number known) it a a lovely design, but has no eagle and swastika present. Laurel leaves feature on the front langet and are in great releif detail. Celluloid grip with 3 strands of perfect twised wire. . Hilt still has the original leather finger loop, which is most unusual. Hilt has a ronded pommel, not a dove head, and is quite unique in the design. Hilt is solid brass and has perhaps 85% of the original fire gilt present. Blade is STONE MINT and has the Alcoso scales trademark under the crossguard. scabbard is undamaged, and has most of the original paint, with the surface rough with age and some suface rust. A really nice sword and if you collect by pattern, one I guarantee you will not have. THIS IS A RARE SWORD PATTERN.
RARE TENO HEWER-COMPLETE WITH ORIGINAL FROG!! I am pleased to offer this TENO man's hewer, complete with the original leather hanging frog. I have not had a TENO hewer for a long time, mainly because thay are rare to find, but also the ones I have seen have been poor condition and very expensive. Like many daggers of the period, the plating over the zinc metal hilt is prone to corrosion and bubbling. This perticualr example has virtually none and all the hilt and crossguard plating is fantastic. The cream celluloid grips are perfect. The scabbard has all of the original black paint with no dents etc. This dagger had been stored in an attic for many years, and there is a small amount of corrosion just at the bottom of the scabbard edge on one side. I have not cleaned it off and it will not affect the dagger any further.One of the lower scabbard screws has been slightly affected by the moisture too.There is an original stiff balck leather frog attached to the reverse of the scabbard. These TENO frogs are quite intricate, with little leather flap protecting the clip etc etc. The steel snap clip is Assmann marked. The thin leather cross strap is complete, but the aluminium 'button' that it clips over is gone to time. The blade is the usual huge slab sided 'bowie' shape. Etched into the reverse is the TENO eagle symbol and the Eickhorn squirrel below. Eickhorn were the only maker of these daggers. The dagger is numbered both to the scabbard throat and to the reverse of the blade. The numbers are 8284. A really good example of a hard to find dagger.
RARE THIRD REICH SWORD KNOT-WATER CUSTOMS!!! This is a beautiful knot, is unissued, but of the Third Reich period. Has gold bullion ball, with black leather strap and triple gold lines running through it. Still tied in the original packing string, I regard this knot as 'new-old stock'. The water Customs sword is terribly rare, I have only ever had 2 in 40 years, so the knot is 100X rarer! however, if anyone has a sword and needs the knot, this must be an opportunity not to be missed. I obtained it from a good contact in Germany, who just had this knot amongst a pile of common ones. He had no idea what it was. I have never seen another,
RAREST SA DAGGER ACCESSORY - GRIP STRAP & BELT LOOP! This is the part always missing form a SA hanger. It is the small grip strap and belt loop, that completes the 3-piece SA hanger. They are virtually impossible to find, and 3 piece hangers are now around £200 when complete. This small leather loop fixed around the top narrow part of the SA dagger grip and when connected to the short hanger, stopped the dagger swinging around and kept it close to the wearer. Because they took a lot of pressure, they wore out or snapped. This one is in excellent condition, nice a supple and the belt loop is the same colour leather too. If you need to complete the 3-piece hanger on your EARLY SA, then don't miss this little loop.
RED CROSS MAN'S DAGGER-SAWBACK BLADE. A decent dagger with very good blade. As normal there is no maker mark. Both these and the officers version never had a makers mark on the blade. This does have the 'Ges Getschutz' (pattn pending) stamped on the blade underneath the crossguard langet. Blade is near mint, with full crossgraining and razor sharp sawback teeth. Scabbard has a non contemporary coat of black gloss paint. These is also a small dent to the reverse. Hilt and crossguard have decent nickel plating over the grey metal alloy base. Black grips are fine and undamaged.
REPRODUCTION RAD HEWER -DAGGER ONLY. Was purchased as part of a collection, and is just a bit of fun really. However, it displays well and leooks really good. However, this is an 80's reproduction of the RAD mans hewer made in brass. Could be used for spares perhaps or just kept as an example. HasALCOSO maker.
SET OF ARMY DAGGER HANGING STRAPS. A good , used set of hanging straps for the army dagger. These have seen use and have been worn quite a lot with a dagger. Good bullion fronts, nice buckles and clips still with silver finish. Top of hangers have a little wear when it goes through the top clip. Nice green velvet backings.
SET OF DE-LUXE HANGING STRAPS FOR LUFTWAFFE DAGGER. decent Luftwaffe straps seem to have dissapeared. I am offered a lot of army straps but hardly any Luftwaffe ones. This is a nice set of hangers for the 2nd pattn dagger. In very good condition with minimal wear. Oakleaf belt clip. Nice fabric straps with velvet backings. 'Push-up' type snap clips which are in fact from the RLB dagger, these have been on the straps since made, so were mixed up in the factory! Unusual. Nice set.
SET OF EARLY ALL BRASS TYPE, KREIGSMARINE DAGGER STRAPS-RARE. I am always being asked for 'brass navy straps' and they are very hard to find! Here is a nice matched set. Solid cast brass navy hangers were used in the Imperial era and right up to the mid-1930's. After that gilded aluminium or metal alloy took over as the component of these straps. These are a very nice set of early 1930's straps, and would go perfectly with any Weimar or early Third Reich naval dagger. They are a true, matched set, with the same lion's head buckles and the same casting marks on the reverse. They have seen use and there are a few carrying wear spots just on the edges. The black moire material is excellent, as is the dark blue velvet backing. A very nice set to go with that early dagger. Very difficult to find!
SET OF GILDED ALUMINIUM NAVY HANGERS-MATCHED SET. This is another set from the accessories collection. These again are a matched set and have the same casting marks on the reverse of the buckles (little M in a diamond). Very nice condition straps, blue moire cloth fronts with dark blue velvet rears. Gilded aluminium buckles and all snap clips. Great looking set. Hard to find, nice conditioned navy hangers. Complete your dagger!
SHORT 23cm SILVER BULLION DAGGER KNOT FOR LUFTWAFFE ETC. This is the shorter 23cm silver bullion dagger knot, usually associated with the Luftwaffe 2nd Pattn dagger. It is aslo seen on the long 1st Pattn Luftwaffe dagger and on the TENO Oficers dagger amongst a few others. In used but perfect condition, all silver bullion cord in perfect condition. I have 3 of these, virtually identical. Both in perfect order and ready to go on your dagger.Hard to find ORIGINAL knots in this condition. Both knots have been on daggers.
SHORT STAG GRIP 'JAGER' PARADE BAYONET BY EP&S A very nice example of the short 'carbine' length dress bayonet with stag grips, original brown frog and original green felt insert in slot. This would designate it as a Jager or Mountain regiment. Bayonet itself is virtually mint with all the nickel plating to the hilt and crossguard. The green felt plug has been there for ever. Blade is also stone mint and has the nice EP&S logo to the reverse riccasso. Nice brown leather frog shows a little use, but nice an supple and perfect condition. Black painted scabbard has perhaps 75% of the original black paint. Nice example!
SILVER ADMINISTRATION NAVY DAGGER - ALCOSO. Well, I have been a collector for over 40 years now, and one of my favourites was and still is, navy daggers. In all those years I have only ever seen 2 or 3 'silver' navy daggers. As far as I have ever found out there was not an 'official' administration navy dagger. The administration section of the navy did wear all silver insignia, belt buckle and even their dagger hangers were in silver. It does seem sensible that their daggers should be silver too, but to date I have found no official documentation to say they had silver daggers. That being said, this dagger is right in every detail. The silver plating is heavy and complete. It shows great age and patina. The areas that remain uncleaned around the throat and the scabbard rings etc, are thick with old residue. Scabbard is completely straight, no damage or dents. Blade is a plain, un-etched version and has the late ALCOSO sideways trademark, with scales beside. Grip is cream celluloid and in perfect condition. In my opinion, the few silver daggers that DO exist, were privately done. Usually a 'silver' example is a late war variety, with all the gilt cleaned off. This is certainly not one of those, and considerable care and expertise has gone into making this a silver plated dagger. A good looking thing, and put it together with a set of administration hangers, you will have a unique piece.
SILVER BULLION 23cm BAHNSHUTZ DAGGER KNOT. A good example of the bullion knot as tied to the 2nd. PAttn Bahnshutz officers dagger. Has been on a dagger, but has no wear or damage. Basically the same as an army officers knot, but with black interspersed flecks along the cord and at the stem of the ball. Has black cloth insert (not felt) to the ball.
SINGLE ETCHED SHORT DRESS BAYONET. A chance to acquire a REAL 'memory of my service time' etched bayonet, for a reasonable cost. Purchased in Germany, this has never been in a collection and is the first time on the market. Etched bayonets were private purchase items or gifts and are not common. This is a good example by EP&S who made some of the best examples. The etched panel has the 'service time ' words in the middle and a sunburst type motif at each end. Etch is perfectly clear, but has been cleaned over the years. Tip of the blade has been slightly re-pointed. Bakelite grips are fine. Plating on the hilt etc is about 50%. Scabbard retains virtually all of the original black paint. Not a mint example, but totally original and not messed with.Well worth the money! Just reduced. Won't find a cheaper one!
SOLID GREEN PORTAPEE/KNOT- SHOOTING ASSOC OR FORESTRY. this is a very nice all green portepee that has been on a dagger of some description. This colour is commonly seen on a Shooting Association dagger, or on the Subordinate Forestry cutlass. Not damage or wear. No fading.
SS JUNIOR OFFICER/SENIOR NCO BULLION KNOT. I purchased two of these last year at the Show of Shows and they sold immediately upon my return. I have seen these knots tied to K98 parade bayonets and also seen them in SS swords/dagens. The bullion strap is identical to that used on the SS officers sword knot. Flat wire bullion with twin black lines. The ball itself is different in that it's round, not oval, and is interspersed with silver and black twisted cord. I believe these were SS bayonet knots, but were also used on the SS officer candidate swords etc. A really nice knot. HAs been on a sword at some time, but in v good condition, slightly grubby. Very hard to find now, not cheap, but a fraction of the cost of a SS Officers knot!!!
SUPER CONDITION THIRD REICH BOOT/FIGHTING KNIFE-MAKER MARKED! By the very use they were made for, fighting knives do not usually survive in good condition. This one caught my eye as the exterior was so clean. Very nice wooden grips are undamaged and look really nice. The metal work has all the original finish, as does the scabbard, which has nearly 100% of the ORIGINAL black paint finish!! The reverse has the small boot spring, which is a different design to the ones I usually see. It's just a strong single spring with a rounded end, made to slip over a leather boot top I imagine. The blade has been sharpened, but hardly at all, so retains most of the original finish. It is also most unusual as it still has most of the makers mark FW HOLLER. This is etched into the blade surface, so has slightly worn away with use and polishing etc. However, enough is there to see the oval mark of HOLLER with the thermometer in the middle. A nice looking fighting knife, rare in this condition and with a maker.
SUPER LUFTWAFFE 2nd DAGGER *PERSONALISED*-UNUSUAL EICKHORN+ORANGE GRIP+KNOT. The second pattern Luftwaffe dagger has always been a firm favourite of mine. They are a wonderful design, and when they have orange grips and silver plated scabbards, they look stunning! This lovely dagger has all of these and in addition has been personalised by the original owner on the reverse crossguard with his initials WL and the date 25.6.39. Unfortunately I have no idea of the significance of the date, or his actual name, but it all adds to the uniqueness of this dagger. Grip is a deep orange colour, in perfect condition with springy wire and the original 23cm bullion knot in place. Crossguard is as described above. Scabbard is heavily nickel plated, has no damage and looks lovely. The blade is virtually mint, is nickel plated and has the unusual, interim SMALL STAMPED Eickhorn trademark. Why Eickhorn used this trademark on some of their daggers is a mystery, but they are very uncommon. Used about 1940. Overall this is one of the most pleasing looking Luftwaffe daggers I have had in a while. It has everything going for it. Just add a nice set of straps and you will have a wonderful, complete rig.
SUPER SET OF 'DE-LUXE'- LUFTWAFFE DAGGER HANGING STRAPS. Purchased directly from Germany recently, this is a nice set of Luftwaffe dagger hangers with all the de-luxe fittings. The embossed lower 'push up' clips and the oakleave embellished upper snap clip fitting, maked on the reverse with the small RZM numbers etc. Fabric straps all retain their silver bullion lines and grey background, the reverse are a nice grey velvet. No freying or damage, but 100% original straps.
SUPER SET OF THIRD REICH GILDED NAVY DAGGER HANGERS. I have purchased a small collection of accessories and there are 3 or 4 sets of navy hangers. Here is the first set. A near perfect conditioned set of Third Reich period dagger hangers. These are the gilded aluminium set, with lovely detail and high quality. A matched st of sraps in every way. Casting marks on the reverse of the buckles match as do the snap clips etc etc. Nice blue moire material with dark blue velvet backs. HAve been used, but not a lot! NICE SET> Reasnably priced.
SUPERB NSKK DAGGER-RZM PERIOD. Whilst NSKK daggers have been around since the early SA daggers, they were converted SA's, the NSKK members painted the scabbard black over the brown anodising to distinguish them. It wasn't until the RZM took over contraol of standards and production, that NSKK dagger were made in the factory with black, factory finished scabbards. This is an extremely nice RZM type. Blade is RZM marked M7/42, which is the code for the WKC factory. Dagger is lovely, and whilst it is of later production there is 95% of all the original nickel plating over the alloy metal. The only place it has lifted slightly is on the middle of the top crossguard. Beautiful grip with deep wood colour. The eagle insert is NICKEL so indicates an early RZM type. Blade is absolutely lovely, mirror bright and with all crossgrain. As near mint as you can get. Scabbard is 100% damage free and has 99.9% coating of ORIGINAL factory black paint. Apart from the small patch of lifting on the top crossguard, this dagger is as mint as you can get after 70 years!
SUPERB SEMI-ERASED ROHM EARLY SA. This is a really nice dagger in every way, has condition, orignality and is an integral part of the history of the Third Reich. This is an early SA dagger that was issued with a full Rohm dedication. It's probably by EP&S, but the maker has been removed along with the Rohm signature. These SA's were awarded by Ernst Rohm to his close followers, but after he was murdered by Hitler, all reference to him was removed or destroyed. This included the SA daggers with the dedication, that's why they are so rare today. You were supposed to remove the dedication and signature. Some did just that, some removed the signature, others purchased another dagger and hid the full dedication away! Dagger has a nice wood grip with no damage, super nickel fittings, an original short leather hanger. The scabbard brown 'anodising' is virtually complete. The blade on the motto side is virtually mint with crossgraining etc. The blade on the reverese has had the Rohm signature deeply removed by grinding all the way along. The maker has been removed too. The rest of the dedication is perfect and untouched. A really great dagger, ideal to add to your collection if you are missing a 'partially removed' type.
SUPERB, NEAR MINT IMPERIAL DAGGER/SWORD BULLION KNOT!!! considering this very rare knot is now 100years old, it has survived in near mint condition and is in fantastic shape. The silver bullion has toned with age to a darker, more golden colour, but all the red and black flecks and very clear. The knot ball is medium sized, so in my opinion could go on both a navy dagger and a sword. I have had original daggers with this type and size of knot tied to them. There are no frays or bits of damage, just ready to tie onto your sword or dagger. To find something of this quality after all these years is VERY unusual, especially in this condition. 200% original IMPERIAL knot.
TEARDROP BLACK SWORD HANGER FOR THE SS OR POLICE SWORD. A decent teardrop black leather sword hanger, typically used on the SS of Police officers and NCO's sword. Clips on the revese scabbard vertical hook, permitting the sword to be worn completely vertically. Nickel fittings, small crack in the leather, but perfectly sound. Would complete a sword nicely.
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THE VERY RARE 'WKC' HJ DAGGER WITH THIN, LONG BOWIE BLADE. Fresh from America........I have read about these daggers on the militaria blogs on the internet(but never owned one) Whist I was at the SoS, I stopped at noted collector D.D.Harris table. He LOVES HJ knives and has 100's. He proudly showed me a HJ dagger indentical to this one. He's not had many either, and they all seem to have the same characteristics. I stopped an older gentleman, who was walking the tables, with items to sell, and he pulled this example out of his pocket!!! Basically a very nice example of a HJ dagger, nickel plated hilt, chequered grips, nice enamel HJ diamond. The scabbard has original black paint. The leather used for the belt loop and cross strap is unusual as it has a very defined surface, a texture like pig skin, very 'bobbly. When the blade is pulled, you can see the difference!! A much slimmer blade, slightly longer and the tip ends in a bowie profile. 200% original and identical to the dagger I saw on DD Harris table!! As a nice touch, the leather blade buffer, between the hilt and the blade shoulder, is the same 'bobbly' pig skin as used on the belt loop etc. There is no maker mark on these daggers, but they are thought to have been made by the WKC company, and later in the war. The dagger itself is in Exc++ condition. The blade at some time has been exposed to moisture in the scabbard and has some surface pitting where the blade runners rest. This could certainly be improved with some work, but I have to tell you it's there. A chance to own a known and accepted, rare HJ variation.
THIRD REICH 'DOVE HEAD' OFFICERS SWORD. I think swords are still underrated and you get a lot for your money! This is an all brass, early 'dove head' sword by Ernst Pack and Sonne. Has the trademark under the langet on the reverse side. This is a very long sword, so would have been for a tall officer. All brass fittings, nice black celluloid grip with no damage. All wire is present. Good, clean blade with 95% of the nickel plated finish present. No nicks or chips to the edges.Scabbard paint is all original, but has sufffered from bubbling under the surface, could possibly use a professional re-paint. Scabbrd throat is missing, seems to have gone a long time ago, but scabbard liners are stil there so it slides in a fits well. Decent sword for silly money.
THIRD REICH 'LIGHTWEIGHT' POLICE BAYONET. IMITATION GRIPS. Police bayonets are a great thing to collect, there are MANY variations and types, spanning from the Weimar period, through to the mid01940's. Most police bayonets you see originate from the Weimar period, when the bayonets were very long and had clamshells on the crossguards. these proved to be unwieldy, and were recalled and re-issued. Shortening the blades, removing the clamshell and installing a new badge on the grip. Police bayonets continued to be made into the Third Reich period, and were therefore made the correct length to start with. They were also made of differing materials, not available in the Weimar period. This is one of them!!! Rare to find. It is a long bayonet (although shorter that the converted ones) and is made of nickel plated aluminium, so is very light. The blade has a single fuller and is in MINT condition. There is no maker mark. The grip plates are also very unusual. At first glance they look to be the normal stag, but on closer inspection they are in fact wood roughened and carved to look identical to stag. The police badge is aluminium and pinned through the grip plates. All the surfaces have aged well and show patina. The nickel plating on the hilt and crossguard has worn a little in places as it does not adhere well to aluminium! A really good looking police bayonet and definitely one for the 'type' collectors. This was a bayonet made IN the Third Rich era.
THIRD REICH ARMY OFFICERS SWORD KNOT. This is the normal, standard sword knot that is found (or should be) on nearly every WW2 German Officers dress/parade sword. In green leather with twin silver bullion lines woven into the strap. Silver bullion ball. This knot has been on a sword and is a little freyed but not damaged, would slip nicely ont an exisiting sword. Difficult to find and will finish off a sword nicely.
THIRD REICH FIRE DEPT. LEATHER KNOT/PORTAPEE. Again a hard knot to find in good condition. This Fire Dept knot has a black leather strap with twin silver lines. This silver bullion ball and crown have alternating red/silver cords. Can be used on the Fire dept. sidearms, but also on the Officers parade sword!! Much harder to find! In excellent, undamaged condition. This has been tied on something, but ready to go onto whatever you want now.
THIRD REICH FIREMAN'S BRASS PARADE SWORD-EICKHORN. In addition to the fire parade bayonet, all enlisted men also had a parade sword. It was usually a very plain, unadorned piece, with smooth brass finish. This is exactly that. All brass fittings, with absolutely plain surfaces. Nice black celluloid grip with twisted wire. No damage. plain nickel plated blade with STAMPED post 1938 Eickhorn trademark under langet. Scabbard has all original paint, but has been used for sword fighting!!! So has bumps and nicks on the lower edges. A standard no nonsence sword. A FIRE sword is quite a rare beast.
THIRD REICH MINING SERVICE (BERGBAU) OFFICERS PARADE SWORD WITH KNOT. I have only have had one other of these rare swords and this is the exact type pictured in the Attwood sword book. This sword does not have an etched blade, but htis has a MINT nickel plated blade by ALCOSO with the Third Reich period trademark. A super rare and unusual sword. All brass fittings with traces of gilt present. Black celluloid grip with complete wire. Langet has nickel crossed Miners hammers pinned through. Tied in the correct manner is the really rare, correct gold bullion Miners sword knot. flat gold weave with twin black lines with Gold acorn. I have never had this knot on it's own! Scabbard is black leather, similar to a navy sword, but without the middle fitting. It is in perfect condition, but one brass staple is missing from the lower fitting, easily repaired. Whilst the Miners were not a military organisation, they were highly regarded and very imprtant to the German war machine. Their regalia, and insignia is highly collectable. A really nice sword.
THIRD REICH NAVAL OFFICERS DAGGER AND KNOT-MINT PLAIN BLADE. This is an extremely nice navy dagger by WKC. It actually has NO maker on the blade, but I have had enough of these to recognise all the tell-tale points. Has the WKC type pommel with slightly longer swastika legs. Crossguard casting is WKC, red buffer to blade, scabbard rings and bands are unique to WKC. This is a standard purchase dagger, supplied by WKC to a retailer or similar, so did not have their trademark on it. This dagger has a MINT conditioned plain blade. The dolphin and anchor etch was an 'extra cost' option on all navy pieces. If you did not have the money, or they were just supplied by the navy quartermaster for parade purposes, then the blades were completely plain. This dagger has most of the original fire gilt present over the surfaces, 50% has worn off on the scabbard, but crossguard and pommel have nearly full covering. Scabbard is completely dent free!! Very nice indeed. Grip is 100% perfect celluloid. There is a silver bullion knot tied in the navy fashion around the crossguard. This is a VERY NICE navy dagger. Plain blades are actually much rarer than the etched ones. If you are collecting navy daggers, then you have to have a plain variety as part of it.
THIRD REICH NAVY DAGGER BY WKC. A very good example of the standard navy dagger carried by Third Reich naval officers. MAde by WKC. All brass construction, with some gilging left here and there. Good white celluloid grip with no damage or cracks and nice twisted brass wire. Typical WKC type pommel with elongated swastika arms in eagles grip. Nice virtually dent free scabbard. Very nice etched balde with all grey background and mirror bright etch surface. Nice WKC trademark stamped into the blade riccasso. Trademark has actually been stamped twice for some reason. Once lightly and then again deeply.Needle sharp tip. Very collectable navy dagger.
THIRD REICH OFFICERS SWORD KNOT. This is the standard sword knot as tied and worn to 99% of Third Reich army officers parade swords. Green leather strap with twin silver wire lines and silver bullion ball. In near perfect used condition, this has been on a sword at some time, so will go nicely on your lion's head or dove head sword. IN HAVE 2 NEARLY IDENTICAL
THIRD REICH OFFICERS SWORD KNOT. A second example, equally as nice. Missing from most swords, so take this opportunity to complete a nice Lion's head or Dove head sword. Green leather with silver bullion lines.
THIRD REICH POLICE NCO's PARADE SWORD-RARE MAKER-V.LONG! It seems even Police swords, which used to be quite common to acquire, have become harder to find. This is a VERY nice example by a most unusual maker Ernst Pack and Sonne. EP&S did make a variety of edged weapons, and their large trademark is highly collected on army, Luftwaffe and other daggers. This sword is by them and also has the lovely LARGE trademark of the Seigfreid Waffen-Ernst Pack and Sonne. Added to this is the length of this sword. Overall it's exactly 1 metre, with blade length of 80cm. This would have been carried by a pretty tall Police NCO, and it's unusual to find these long swords. Blade is in very good condition as retains is semi-matt finish. Grip has all the plating to the knucklebow etc. Black ebony wood grip is fine and has the inset aluminium police eagle. The steel oakleaf ferrell has lost some of it's surface finish. So it a little dull. Scabbard has a full coating of the original black gloss paint. It is not damaged or bent. A really good looking police sword. If you collect by maker, I am sure this is one you don't have.
THIRD REICH POLICE OFFICERS DRESS SWORD-ALCOSO I have not had a decent Police Officers sword for some time. They just don't seem to be about. Last one came back with me from the USA over a year ago. Whilst not mint, this is a decent, un-messed with sword, all complete with a nice blade. Made by ALCOSO, it has the trademark stamped into the riccasso by the crossguard. This is a later quality sword with nickel plate over steel. The hilt and crossguard have a little lifting but very minor. The pommel nut is undamaged, made of steel and has lost most of the nickel plate, so is just shiny steel! Grip is hard black ebony (?) , has no damage or chips and retains all the silver wire wrap etc. Back cover plate is intact. The large police badge is inset into the grip. Is a copper colour as it has lost the thin silver flash coat plating. Scabbard is fine and no dents or bends. It retains 85% of the original black paint, with some light surface rust colour. As I said earlier, it has a very nice blade, which retains all of the matt steel finish. Needle sharp point and no damage, bends or nicks.
THIRD REICH PRESENTED FIRE AXE. 25 YEARS SERVICE. I have had a few of the fire axes over the years, some very ornate, others quite plain. They all have the panel on the grip, where a dedication can be engraved. I have not had one that is filled in-until now. Parade/presentation axe is the same as usually found. Black wood grip with nice nickel plated metal fittings. Axe is in near mint condition, as they were never used of course! The grip has an oval-ish panel which is beautifully engraved ' fur 25 jahre treue dienste Stadt Saalfeld'. Translates 25 years faithful service etc etc. Saafeld is a lille east of Frakfurt and south of Leipzig. Engraving is beautifully done and in-filled with gilt. Nice looking item that would go well with a Fire collection etc.
THIRD REICH RURAL POLICE BAYONET/FROG. This rural police bayonet (brown leather scabbard) started life as one of the long Weimar, clamshell pieces. Been returned to the armoury, cut down, badge added, and re-issued to the Third Reich policemen. Extensively marked and stamped with matching numbers in several places. Main stamp on crossguard and upper scabbard is 'G.D.2.' Blade has been cut down, and there is some plating loos to the surface where the scabbard springs rest and a few rust spots here and there. Bayonet came with a white leather frog, which looks to be English.Have left it on there anyway. Decent looking bayonet, and not expensive. Cleaned up a bit will look 10x better.
THIRD REICH SENIOR FORESTRY CUTLASS-ALCOSO. A very nice cutlass, with ALCOSO scales trademark stamped into blade. Seems to have real IVORY grips in perfect condition, with all acorns present on both sides. This is a large cutlass and measures just over 18" overall. All brass fittings and hilt in nice condition. Common to early Alcoso cutlasses, the scabbard fittings are attached to the leather with tiny brass screws, not staples. Triple etched blade is in perfect condition and is covered with the great etched scenes of deer and hunters.Green felt washer is still in place.
TOTALLY UNCLEANED/DIRTY EARLY SA, NEAR MINT BLADE. Rescued from my recent trip to America.I am not sure where this dagger has been kept, but the outside has remained uncleaned for more years than I could imagine. The top of the crossguard etc has gone completely black with age and patina. It's a nice, rare maker early SA by WAGNER & LANGE. This is a pretty rare maker, up in the 7 out of 10 region. Dagger has lovely deep wood grip, mahogany in colour. There is a tiny chip missing (long ago!) between the SA button and the top crossguard. No other damage. Nickel fittings to all of the dagger are a deep yellow. Scabbard has all of the original brown anodising, but not the lacquer. All screws are present. The original short hanging strap is present but one loop has broken so the snap clip is attached to the scabbard ring. Again been like that for YEARS! The blade however, has stood the test of time and stayed in near mint condition inside the scabbard. 100% of the crossgrain is there and all the burnishing in the motto. The trademark is on the reverse. One anomaly, the 'Gau' mark 'P' in on the front of the lower crossguard. Usually on the reverse, perhaps it has been swapped round many years ago? Anyway, I will leave it as it is. The dagger has not been taken apart in 100 years and to disturb it would be a crime. The top tang nut is frozen in place and the patina underneath it is un-broken. If you are looking for this rare maker, this is a nice dagger with character.
UNCLEANED Deutsche Jägerschaft (HUNTING ASSOCIATION) CUTLASS WITH V.RARE FROG AND BELT LOOP. Recently acquired from America, this is one of the nicest, untouched Hunting Association cutlasses I have owned. Blade is un-marked, but looks to be an Eickhorn piece. All silver fittings have toned to a deep black patina. DJ badge on a lovely, perfect stag grip. Dark green scabbard leather tones with the silver fittings. This cutlass comes with the ORIGINAL RARE 'v' notched leather frog and wide belt attachment with snap clip. (Hunting association frogs and accessories are terribly rare. If this was for sale separately it would be worth £400+) This rig has ALWAYS been on this dagger, and looking at the silver fittings under the leather, thay are all bright and clean. Long triple etched blade is in exc++ condition, Hunting scenes along both sides depicting deer, dogs and hunters with rifles. A really super dagger, straight out the woodwork, and never been in a collection before. A chance to buy a dagger like this for a great deal.
UNDER TUNIC SWORD HANGER. This the fabric and leather arrangement for suspending a sword (or dagger) from underneather an uniform. Canvas type strap with brown leather tear-drop and nickel clip. In excellent condition and would finish off a sword rig very nicely.
UNISSUED MINT POLICE OFFICERS SWORD KNOT-WIDE LEATHER. I acquired two of these from a contact in Germany. A mint, 100% original example of the large sword knot or portapee for the Police Officer parade sword. This is the proper sword knot, with wide leather strap and large bullion ball. Has the alternating police colours of red/silver on black leather strap. Ideal if you have a nice mint or near mint Police Officers sword.
UNTOUCHED NAVY DAGGER-WKC- COMPLETE RIG WITH STRAPS/KNOT. For those collectors who love 'out of the woodwork' items, this could fit the bill. Purchased not far from me, this is a complete navy rig, comprising of the uncleaned dagger, original knot ads set of hangers. The dagger, being brass, has toned to a nice dark patina all over. pommel, crossguard and scabbard are all the same colour. Tied around the pommel and crossguard is the ORIGINAL navy portepee. This is a later rayon type and has toned down to a light golden colour. It is in perfect condition. Dagger has nice cream coloured celluloid grip with brass wire wrap. Blade is in mint condition and deeply stamped with the WKC knights head. This is a completely plain blade, no etching. It is an interesting fact that navy daggers were all offered with an etched blade as a COST OPTION. You had to pay extra for the etched blade, or it just came with a plain one. Most navy daggers have an etched blade, but if money was an issue, or the dagger was just used by the quartermasters as a 'loan' on parade days, then the dagger blade was plain. Whilst not as attractive as the etched variety, they are actually now quite rare, and if you do collect navy daggers etc., a plan bladed variety is a must. There are set of navy straps with this dagger. They are the later pot metal types with dark gilding. Cloth straps are fine, with velvet backings. The retaining chain is missing from the shorter strap. Decent set otherwise. A good chance to get a complete dagger rig, at a very affordable figure.
UNTOUCHED WKC NAVY DAGGER+KNOT+STRAPS COMPLETE RIG This a lovely example of a Third Reich naval officers dress dagger, complete with all accessories. Purchased recently in the Bedfordshire area, this has never been in a collection before. A classic WKC dagger with cream celluloid grip, twisted brass wire wrap and original knot tied in place. It is complete with a lovely set of gilded aluminium hanging straps, which are original to this dagger and are matching. The celluloid grip has no cracks, but seems to have been slightly 'bruised' in one small place. I think it has been rubbed whilst being worn and has discoloured the surface, nothing missing though. It's actually hidden under the knot, so not obvious. There is nearly 100% gilding left on the pommel and crossguard, the scabbard has no dents or damage, and has gilding left around the scabbard rings etc etc. The blade is beautiful, is in mint condition and has 100% of the grey background etch. This is a very nice dagger indeed, and totally complete.
UNTOUCHED-TEXTBOOK-NSKK 1936 CHAINED DAGGER BY EICKHORN. Whilst they do not carry the 'pazzaz' of SS chained daggers, the Officers 1936 NSKK dagger is actually much rarer. This is an excellent, classic type and will tick all the boxes if you are looking for a 'textbook' example. Although there are great, early all nickel varieties, I think I am safe to say that in my opinion, there early ones were all, period 'upgraded' varieties. Unlike the SS 1936 chained, which were made as you see them, the NSKK Officers dagger of 1936 had chains added to the exisiting dagger. When the RZM took over control and production, the NSKK chained dagger was made complete in the various factories. Eickhorn seemed to be the most prolific maker, and Eickhorn has come to be the maker that everyone wants. This is an EICKHORN dagger with a blade marking of M7/66 1942. It is a typical dagger made of this period, with later plated fittings and steel plated scabbard fittings and chain. The dagger has been completely left alone and has not been polished or cleaned in a very long time. All fittings have a great age patina too them, giving them a muted 'gilt' look. Both crossguards retain 100% of the nickel plating. Grip is a super piece of lighter coloured wood and the eagle grip insignia is the later grey metal type. Totally period. Scabbard has virtually 100% of the ORIGINAL factory black paint. The lower scabbard fitting has lost some of the original plating to one edge and has gone a little brown with surface corrossion. Very minor. The chain ha again never been cleaned and shows the surface patina. The two reverse links nearest the dagger have the 'NSKK Musterschutz Korpsführungstamping' on one and the RZM maker mark of M5/8 on the other. Great detail to the links on the chain etc. The blade is marked with the RZM code for Eickhorn M7/66 with the year date of 1942. It has 99% of the original factory crossgraining across the complete surface and the motto retains the backgroud etch. there are two very slight finger smudges on the blade, preventing it being full mint. An extremely good looking, untouched NSKK chained. Excellent value!!! Find another.
VARIOUS ORIGINAL ARMY DAGGER HANGERS. I have several sets of original army dagger hangers. All in good serviceable condition, and with variations of hardware.De-luxe tops, plain clips etc etc. Priced from £125 upwards. Please contact me for a choice.
VERY GOOD EXAMPLE OF NAVY DAGGER WITH KNOT BY HOLLER. For those of you who love daggers with a bit of character and 'saltyness' , then this is an ideal navy dagger for you. The original knot is frozen in place, shows a bit of wear but perfectly sound. Brass fittings have lost most of the gilt so have turned a little darker. Perfect celluloid grip. HOLLER navy dagger have unique characteristics. They ALWAYS have sailing ship etched blades and 'springy' twisted wire grips. This is a perfect example of that. (Holler only did a sailing ship etch on their blades). Scabbard is clean and straight and as far as I can see has no damage or dents. Overall a great, used example of a Holler navy dagger.
VERY PRESENTABLE HJ KNIFE-RZM BUT PERSONALISED. This is a nice, used example of a 1939 period HJ boys knife. Original owner has carefully scratched his name and initials to the back of the scabbard. Nice grip with perfect HJ diamond. 95% of nickel plating on the hilt intact.Black leather belt loop and cross strap are fine and supple and the popper works well. Scabbard paint is all original, and whilst some is worn off on the bottom , it's about 85% intact. Blade is very clean with no damage or rust, has been used and very slightly sharpened, but is a very nice blade otherwise. Top of reverse is stamped with deep RZM circle and beside it is M7/49 and 1939 date. This is the code for Friedrich Herder Abr. Sohn, a good, well known maker. Nice HJ knife!!
VERY RARE HJ KNIFE WITH WKC MAKER AND 'BOWIE' TYPE BLADE. This is only the second of this type of HJ dagger I have owned. I have seen several others and they are all identical in construction etc. This one is a little different as it actually has a maker marked blade, and it's WKC!! I purchased it directly from a family source in Essex. The son related the story that his father had cut it off the belt of a HJ/soldier member. This seems to actually be the case as a small part of the belt loop at the back, is cut cleanly off. The grip strap and popper are there and intact though. Every single on of these knives has exactly the same type of leather work. It a black, pebbled pigskin? The belt loop and cross strap are made of it and so is the leather washer used for the blade buffer washer. The blade on this dagger is athe same long 'bowie' shaped affair, but this one has a 'blood groove' running though the top spine. Right up against the lower crossguard, there is a WKC Knight's Head trademark, deeply stamped into the blade. It's a small mark, and seems to be the type used on the WKC dagger etc from the Weimar or Imperial period? I think they have used up 'old stock' blades, from a bayonet or similar, cut it to fit etc. Grip plates are perfect, as is the nickel plating on the crossguards, HJ diamond is perfect and factory fitted. It is my personal opinion that these daggers were made by WKC towards the end of the war, and were something 'different' to advertise and sell. I have never seen any with RZM marks on, so perhaps these were then sold as private purchase knives? I don't think we will ever know unless some period reference or shop advert is discovered. However, they are real, period and produced all at the same time. A really nice, strange variation. (these are mentioned in one of Tom Johnson's later books)
VERY RARE TENO HEWER LEATHER FROG-COMPLETE!! This must be one of the hardest accessories to find. A complete, original black leather frog for the TENO hewer! The leather is a little softer than normal, as ordinarily these are very stiff, but age and some leather treatment have made it quite supple. Everything is there and even the retaining leather strap, which is very thin and brittle, is complete. The metal snap clip is Assmann marked and the protective leather tongue is complete too. A rare frog, and would go very well with a 'USED' Teno hewer.
VERY UNUSUAL FOIL 'TAG' FOR DJ DAGGER/KNIFE. I have never seen one of these before and am not exactly sure what it was used for, but best guess it was attached to a DJ/HJ little knife or dagger as a shop/sales tag. It's very similar to the tags used by dagger manufacturers on 'new' items. Eickhorn/Krebs/WKC etc all use similar things. This is a paper/foil tag with red string. The silver and black tag is double sided and has the single DJ rune on both sides. A very neat little thing. If you had one of the little mint DJ knives in your collection, this would look fantastic tied to it.
VERY, VERY CLEAN, EARLY SA DAGGER BY SEILHEIMER. Another good dagger from the SA collection purchased recently. This is a super looking dagger with nice bright nickel fittings, a good brown anodised covering to the scabbard and a really nice blade. A nice medium coloured wood, which all Seilheimers seem to have. Has a very smooth finish to the surface. Nice SA button and nickel eagle. Reverse grip has small hairline surface crack to one edge. Has just discoloured the grip surface, but is perfectly fine. Just mention it for honesty, does not detract from the dagger at all. Scabbard body is fine, has smooth, complete brown anodised finish. Looks very nice. All nickel scabbard fittings are fine. No damage to bottom ball. Blade is lovely, very bright indeed, with evidence of nearly all of the crossgrain polish process. Motto has grey background and the revesrse has the Paul Seilheimer logo etched into the blade surface.
WONDERFUL NAVY DAGGER-HOLLER-HAMMERED SCABBARD & SAILING SHIP BLADE. This is one of the navy daggers that everyone is looking for. FW HOLLER were a premium manufacturer, and they only made a navy dagger with a sailing ship blade. There was no other type. The hammered scabbard was an extra cost item. This beautiful navy dagger is in superb condition. There is at least 85% of the original fire gilt left on the fittings. A few places where it has rubbed off on the hammered scabbard the brass has turned a plum colour. The grip is cream celluloid and is wrapped with the copper 'springy wire' unique to Holler daggers (they used it on swords, 1st Lufts, etc etc). Blade again is stone mint, with the Holler etch on one side of the riccasso. Both sides of the blade have the lovely grey etch in mint condition, showing the sailing ships and anchor above. A really great navy dagger.
WONDERFUL, EARLY RAD HEWER, RARE MAKER - UNTOUCHED. This is a beautiful RAD hewer, exactly how I like them to be. This is an nice early example, that's not been cleaned for a long time either. All HEAVY nickel plated fittings ( not later war metal). Dagger is immensely heavy because of this. Solid hilt fittings have turned a blue/grey patina, stag grips are nice and knobbly. Scabbard has solid upper and lower fittings in the same colour as the hilt. The ORIGINAL black paint to the scabbard is nearly all there and in great condition. Blade again is a huge, solid piece of steel. It has some finger marks and slight smudges to the surface, but has not been sharpened, and is very, very clean. Etched motto is very sharp and clear. This dagger is made by the small maker AXT UND HAUER SOLINGEN. Their trademark is a horses head within a circle. Quite unusual to get this maker, they were quite small but made RAD items. Has the RADJ in a triangle and Ges Getschutz all etched on the blade. A really handsome RAD hewer, an early, uncleaned example. Great thing!!